Travel by sidecar to discover the world and to share our experiences with everyone when we return, this is what matters.
We wish to come back with real stories and anecdotes from the countries we will visit.
We would like to share with the new generation the taste of travelling and discovering new cultures.

The project Friends 4 Adventures

Adventure and trip lovers, we are 4 friends who are going to travel around the world with a side-car!


The team

Strengthened by our experiences and skills, we are today a real team


Colombia_Friends 4 Adventure

We started our trip in Colombia, more specifically in Cartagena where we have imported the sidecars.


Ecuador_Friends 4 Adventures

The first kilometres on the Pan-American Highway were already very different than in Colombia.


Peru_Friends 4 Adventures

Cañón del Pato, Lagoon Parón, Machu Picchu: something is to see it in photos, something else to see it in reality!


Bolivia_Friends 4 Adventures

The roads are in very bad conditions but the area is absolutely glorious...


Chile_Friends 4 Adventures

From the first kilometres of the Carratera Austral, the landscapes are fantastic. We are in love with Patagonia!


Argentina and Uruguay_Friends 4 Adventures

The Argentinian roads are mostly in very good conditions with some nice curves.


Laos and Vietnam_Friends 4 Adventures

While our sidecars are being shipped from Montevideo (Uruguay) to Riga in Latvia, we have 6 weeks to discover Laos and Vietnam as backpackers!


Latvia and Estonia_Friends 4 Adventures

After 21 hours of travelling from Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam, we land in Riga in Latvia. It’s a cultural and thermal shock but the capital of Latvia, is a very enjoyable city!


Russia_Friends 4 Adventures

Russian people have been indeed very welcoming, generous and friendly in spite of our weak skills of their language!


Kazakhstan_Friends 4 Adventures

The valley of Boszhira is absolutely breathtaking with abrupt cliffs, unusual rock shapes and beautiful colourful mounts.


Azerbaigian_Friends 4 Adventures

Flat steppes, green valleys, wild camping spots and roads with a smooth asphalt in very good conditions.


Georgia_Friends 4 Adventures

Georgie being very green, the road is great and it’s quite easy to find good wild camping spots.


Turkey_Friends 4 Adventures

Going alongside the Mediterranean coast after months on the road is the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful coves, the water is transparent with beautiful turquoise nuances.

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