Vicente and Fernanda – Around the world by motorcycle

It all began as something of a crazy idea, a world tour by motorcycle, but the dream became a reality.
Over these three years, we’ve travelled more than 100,000 kilometres, including the trip to North Cape. After having visited 51 countries, we still have the same enthusiasm and passion as we did on day one.
Even we don’t know what the future will bring, we’re sure there will be more positives than negatives… But let’s start at the beginning and go back to 2017.

Vicente and Fernanda and the idea of travelling around the world

“What if we were to go around the world by bike?”. I thought, “Wow, what an adventure, I’m in, let’s get ready”. But on one condition - that I would ride my own bike.


Preparations, bike and gear selection: ready to go!

We decided on my travel companion, a Honda CB500X, for Vicente though, he went for an Africa Twin. We decided to go with the aluminium Trekker Outback cases by GIVI.


The journey begins... Riding lessons in the UK, Morocco and Tunisia

We travelled through GB from September to November. It was very cold at times, but we knew that the really freezing temperatures would come in the months ahead.


Italy and visiting GIVI headquarters

We needed assistance with our GIVI Outback aluminium cases and, seeing as we were in Italy, we got in touch with the GIVI general headquarters in Brescia, which was actually on our way as we headed towards Switzerland.


Vicente and Fernanda: Winter in Eastern Europe

The journey continues in Eastern Europe, among icy scenery, snowy woods and a really biting cold

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