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How to ride off-road with your motorcycle

Safety first

When faced with off-road riding situations, you may encounter a variety of terrains. In these cases, it is crucial to adopt a prudent and mindful approach, such as avoiding excessive speed and carefully selecting maneuvers that you feel confident in executing.

Often, you'll encounter rocky terrains that require quick decision-making. In these situations, it's important to proceed slowly and maintain proper body positioning on the motorcycle. Avoid remaining seated on the saddle as this position hampers control, as the tires can be deflected off course by large rocks along the path.

Instead, stand up on the foot pegs with your feet firmly planted. Grasp the motorcycle between your knees or thighs to enhance control. Use your arms solely for turning the handlebars on relatively flat terrains. This allows you to maintain a moderate or low speed, enabling you to navigate obstacles with greater precision.

When descending, it is advisable to select gears such as second or third to utilize engine braking. In climbs, it is preferable to remain seated on the saddle and use lower gears like first or second to generate more power. When faced with mud, it is important to remain seated, distribute your weight evenly on the foot pegs, and consistently use lower gears like second or third to maintain stability throughout the challenge.

Avoid sudden accelerations to be able to perceive any rear-wheel skidding. Apply the brakes gently, avoiding excessive pressure on the front brake. This stability will help build confidence and encourage you to push beyond your limits. However, always proceed with caution as taking risks without proper protection can lead to serious accidents.

Ensure that your cargo is balanced and distributed correctly to maintain motorcycle stability. Explore the exhilaration of off-road riding while prioritizing your safety above all else. Remember to have fun, but always ride responsibly and respect the terrain and conditions you are facing.