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How to fix a flat tire on a motorcycle

Safety first

How many times have you experienced it, and how many times will you in the future? The important thing is to know how to handle a flat tire on a motorcycle, managing the situation with caution and safety.
When you notice a flat tire, it's crucial to immediately stop the motorcycle. Quickly assess the position of the puncture and signal your presence on the road using the S-300 kit's triangle from Givi. Safety always comes first.

Next, remove the luggage to lighten the motorcycle and place it on the centre stand.
Take a firm grip on a screwdriver and confidently remove the troublesome nail, screw, or any object that caused the puncture and interrupted your journey. Then, using a rasp tool, work on the hole to make it smooth and even.

Take a strip of patch and apply glue to it. With skill and care, insert the strip into the hole, completely covering it. Now, connect the valve tube to the tire and attach the special CO2 cartridge. You're ready to gradually inflate the tire.
Finally, use a cutter to carefully remove any excess material.
All the necessary material and tools are included in the GV kit, which has proven to be a reliable ally.

You're ready to hit the road again, with restored safety and a heart beating in unison. You have confidently and skillfully tackled the flat tire. The road awaits you: continue your journey, knowing that with Givi by your side, you're always prepared for every adventure.