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How to load luggage on a motocycle

Safety first

When it comes to loading luggage on a motorcycle, there are no magic tricks, just common sense. The idea is to distribute the weight evenly, making the most of the available space with GIVI hard cases and side bags, packing as much as possible inside the rigid bags.

It is crucial to divide the weight equally between the two sides to maintain balance. Place the heaviest items inside the bags, avoiding overloading the rigid or soft side bags. This is important as it keeps the centre of gravity low, ensuring stability during the ride.

Securely mount the tank bag on the rear luggage rack and fasten it with GIVI Trekker GB/S 350 straps. These straps are TUV-certified and capable of supporting a load of up to 100 kg. Use the straps to firmly secure the bag to the rear luggage rack. For added convenience, you can use a backrest for the tank bag to keep essential items within easy reach. With the rear and side bags loaded and the weight properly distributed, you'll enjoy a safer and smoother ride.

In conclusion, remember that loading luggage on a motorcycle with care and following proper safety practices is crucial for a smooth and hassle-free ride. Distribute the weight evenly, use the appropriate fastening straps, and keep the centre of gravity low. Take the time to organize your luggage efficiently, so you can embark on every motorcycle adventure with serenity and safety. Have a great journey and fully embrace the wonders that lie ahead on your path!