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Make space for a lens on your bike

Recharge, transport and protect your motorcycle devices

A journey on two wheels is an experience to be documented and shared with photos and videos.

Here are some tips on how to do just that, as we look at the ideal equipment and how to protect and transport it by motorcycle.

Tra piattaforme online, blog e social network, anche aggiornare i propri followers in tempo (quasi) reale è diventata un’attività impegnativa.
Per chi il mondo lo gira su due ruote il gioco si complica: è indubbiamente facile ed efficace scattare foto o girare video con lo smartphone; tuttavia in molti preferiscono realizzare un reportage utilizzando strumenti più convenzionali (ma come vedremo insieme neanche poi così tanto) che, naturalmente, hanno bisogno di spazio e di protezione a bordo.

The photo/video equipment of the motorcycle blogger

If you are a blogger or simply a “social media addict” and want to share your shots and videos on a daily basis, you don’t have to give up the quality of a real camera.

There are many “compact” mirrorless cameras on the market with interchangeable lenses that deserve a mention, such as the Sony® 6000 series, which can be seen in the hands of various motorcycle travellers and journalists in the sector.
This camera adds to the high quality of photos, video and audio (with the possibility of using an external microphone), with an integrated Wi-Fi system which, in conjunction with the appropriate application (Imaging Edge Mobile), allows you to send media files directly to your smartphone, so you have everything at your fingertips, without even having to take out the memory card.

Of course, this line can be a starting point for choosing a camera with similar features, amongst which, the important wireless sharing with the smartphone.
As for the lenses, for photos and video reporting, we recommend accompanying the standard one with an 18-105mm F/4 zoom.
Normal cameras can make fantastic videos; however, they cannot compete with the dynamic shots made possible by so-called action cams, thanks to the very compact dimensions and the many accessories available to mount them in different positions (helmet, handlebar, fork, etc …)
First and foremost is the giant Gopro®, but there are many brands that offer valid (and even more accessible) models, and that often use the same mounting standards as Gopro®. Among these we can mention the Mi Action by Xiaomi® and the H9 by Midland®, both 4K.

Transport and recharge your photo equipment on motorcycle

When out and about, we all know that it is essential to make sure that all electronic devices are always charged, even more so when travelling on two wheels.
So how do you avoid ending up “in the middle of the desert” with completely flat smartphone or camera batteries?

We offer a simple solution: the S111 Power Hub from GIVI.
This is a power supply kit specially designed for tank bags that allows you to connect three devices via USB (for a total of 9000mA), and a fourth, with an ISO 12v connector, directly inside the bag. The power supply kit includes a totally waterproof wiring system external to the bag.
The Power Hub must necessarily be combined with the S110 kit, fully waterproof wiring that leads from the motorcycle battery to a 12v socket in the handlebar area, allowing you to create an independent circuit to recharge the device while protecting from possible overloads.
Camera, lenses, action cam, accessories, cables, spare batteries, smartphone …

Ideally you should be able to store this important equipment in a safe and easily accessible place. GIVI’s answer is the T508, a motorcycle bag designed for photo/video equipment. Its interior is shaped and padded, the lid has an internal mesh pocket and the shoulder strap allows for easy transport. What makes it different from the many camera bags on the market? The fact that it was developed by a specialist in motorcycle accessories.
The dimensions of the T508 allow it to be inserted into all the tank and saddle bags produced by the brand, with a capacity of at least 14 litres. Charging can be completed inside them, even whilst driving, without having to consider rain, humidity and bad weather.