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How to lift your motocycle

Safety first

We have all experienced (or almost all) one of the most potentially embarrassing moments on the road: when our motorcycle falls. But there's no need to panic; all you need to know is what to do and how to do it correctly and safely.

First and foremost, avoid impulsive actions. Never lift the motorcycle incorrectly if you don't want to hurt your back. Start by putting it into gear to prevent the wheels from spinning. This simple precaution is important to avoid the motorcycle from remaining unstable and rolling away, causing you to fall. Never forget Murphy's Law: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Therefore, to correctly perform the lifting maneuver, grab two solid points on the motorcycle and lift it using your legs. This position allows you to leverage the strength of your legs to provide the necessary force during the lift and protect your back.

Once lifted, position the motorcycle on the stand to ensure stability. Take a moment to catch your breath and regain your energy, and then you're ready to continue your journey. Always remember that safety comes first. Avoid trying to lift the motorcycle incorrectly or with excessive force, as you could end up causing harm to yourself or the bike. If you have doubts or are unsure about how to properly lift your motorcycle, consult the owner's manual or seek advice from an expert.

With a bit of practice and knowledge of the correct lifting techniques, you'll be able to prudently handle any embarrassing situation on the road. Remember, safety is essential for fully enjoying your motorcycle adventures.