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Together to safeguard the marine environment!

Don’t worry, we haven’t switched to jet skis!

To present this project, which sees us on the front line as sponsors, we’ll be staying with our feet firmly on the foot plates. 

The purpose is a noble one, “to make the planet aware of the enormous problem of water pollution”, but it needs constant support, especially from the media, to involve the world’s population. Behind the project is the ecological conscience of the association “7milamiglialontano”, which has already proven that it can achieve the goals set. In this case the bar has been set even higher by the time development of the project: 7MML_5.O “H2OPLANET” will be developed over 7 years!

Those who have followed some of the projects implemented by this association will certainly have realised by now that “7” is a recurring number for them.
This time is no exception: 7 years, 7 Continents (at a push, by including Russia and separating North and South America), 7 distinct and adventurous solidarity journeys.

An ambitious project that will end in 2025

Photographers, video makers, writers, biologists, professionals and enthusiasts will travel as much as possible along the world’s coastlines to complete a travel experience that allows them to view planet earth in a responsible manner. This is the calendar:

2019 – 7MML_5.1 “H2oPLANET” Europe
2020 – 7MML_5.2 “H2oPLANET” Africa
2021 – 7MML_5.3 “H2oPLANET” Oceania
2022 – 7MML_5.4 “H2oPLANET” North America
2023 – 7MML_5.5 “H2oPLANET” South America
2024 – 7MML_5.6 “H2oPLANET” Russia
2025 – 7MML_5.7 “H2oPLANET” Asia

A wonderful trailer has also been made to explain the project, you can find it at this link: 

"I am honoured to be a part of this team. We have always considered ourselves to be a group that pays attention to the environment and human health; starting with the materials we use, which are made to comply with the REACH regulation. We consider the work carried out by the 7milamiglialontano cultural association, who we have collaborated with in the past, to be of great importance. And we are fascinated by the “planetary” nature of the new project, “H2OPLANET”, which will end in 2025.
We are proud to take part! With GIVI and KAPPA together on this occasion, because travel is in the DNA of both brands. Flowing water also travels and feeds oceans and seas, environments that must be protected. To do this, we have to convince more and more people that there is a need for a new environmental culture; I am sure that motorcyclists are not lacking in this sensitivity”.