Givi Vietnam supporting social projects

30 Sept. – 1 Oct. 2020

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Givi Vietnam, once again is on the frontline, supporting social projects.

30 SEPT. – 1 OCT. 2020

After the success of the "We are GIVIng" campaign, when GIVI Vietnam together with its Dealers donated most of their revenue to purchase and distribute food to people in need at the peak of the COVID19 emergency, we have something exciting to tell again.
This time GIVI Vietnam joined forces with SAIGON SCOOTER CENTRE, the most prestigious and renowned restoration shop for 1960’s vintage Vespa and Lambretta scooters in Ho-Chi-Minh City, for a tour whose goal has been again to help others.

The event took place September 30th, when a convoy of almost 50 meticulously restored vintage Vespa and Lambretta scooters will ride along a 170Km urban itinerary, to take the riders from SAIGON to ĐẠI LÀO, BẢO LỘC and its elementary school.

GIVI Vietnam and S.S.C. Has delivered several gifts to the children: food drinks and also school supplies, like crayons, notepads, drawing books, rulers, pens and other learning instruments.
Once again, even thru a very small gesture, We looked for to be ambassadors not only for GIVI, but above all for good will, peace and humanity.

This Country, like many others, besides the bright light and the shiny colors of the many shopping malls, is made of people that we are not afraid to describe as “on the fringe”, people who survive on little luck and a lot of hope. And they are often children or elderly, often with very little resources, sometimes with nothing at all.
Many of these people make themselves “invisible”, pushed by their ancestral fierceness and a cultural pride that won’t allow them to show vulnerability, or ask for help.
We strongly believe it is out duty to take initiative, as we try to connect with the community in Vietnam, and every day we grow our roots deeper into this Country, intertwining with the local culture.

We carry the DNA of the traveler, and thanks to our exploring instinct we easily open new paths and new opportunities, eventually breaking the barriers among us and shining a light in those places darkened by poverty and loneliness.
Explorers and not conquerers.

We surely wear modern armors, but our helmets and shields are made of bright plastic and our weapons are a smile and a caring touch.
We are here to donate a little comfort, and if we do it through a pound of gold, a handful of rice or a simple crayon. That is just a mundane detail.