Givi Explorer at the Rimba Raid

The event is growing!

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Givi Explorer with Jeremias Israel
at the Rimba Raid in Malaysia

The Rimba Raid, is growing in popularity and numbers, and this year’s event is packed with new ideas and improvements, that will once again put this unique race in front of many passionate two wheels fans. One of the keys of this success is the strong partnership between the Rimba Raid and the main sponsor GIVI, a global company famous for its extended range of motorcycle accessories, luggage and helmets.

Said partnership is stepping up to a whole new level in 2019, thanks to a significant investment in time and resources, aimed at expanding the popularity of this event beyond the Southeast Asia region, bringing a touch of internationality and worldwide renown professionalism.
Part of this plan is the decision to bring to Malaysia one of the GIVI’s longest standing and established brand ambassadors, Jeremias Israel from Chile. Very well-known and respected in the motorcycle off-road community, the former National Champion and Factory Honda Dakar Rally racer will not just simply compete in the Rimba raid, but agreed to set the first stone to build a long lasting relationship with one local Malaysian training center. Jeremias will host a one day riding clinic together with Acoi Pangokolo, a well know Trials and stunt rider from Malaysia.

The clinic will take place on July 20 at a training facility near Kuala Lumpur and will also be included as a feature event to the ever growing program of the Rimba Raid.

Datuk Captain Nik, Chief Promoter of Rimba Raid, commented:
“We are extremely proud of our increasing popularity, and very excited at the idea of GIVI’s collaboration in creating a competitive environment where International Class Races does not pose a financial strain for our local riders. At the same time we are careful not to lose sight of where we started, where amateurs and professionals compete on motorcycles that are road legal and can be bought over the counter. We strive to maintain Rimba Raid as an event with amateurs in mind, but organized to satisfy even seasoned professionals. While the racing is real and the trails challenging, the unintimidating friendly atmosphere makes even first time racers welcome.
Working with Givi and the participation of Jeremias through GIVI allows us to extend our reach and achieve the international status which will definitely bring further attention and improvements to our organization”.

Mr. Acoi from Pangoklo Rider Show, said:
“The beauty of this event is how the common passion towards motorcycles brought us together and removed any distance and cultural barrier. Since my initial call to Jere to see if he was available to help us, everything fell into place and in a very short time we dream has turned into reality. This is the beginning of a very strong partnership which I am sure will last for a long time and give us the opportunity to get in contact with many other two wheels aficionados!”.

Jeremias Israel, from Chile, said:
“As a professional rider the most important motivation for me is to compete and win, but as I am growing more mature I now find the sharing of my skillset and experience just as rewarding. For this reason, the possibility to bring my knowledge to the other side of the world is indeed an important factor and a big motivation, as it gives me the chance to visit Malaysia for the first time and start a legacy with a positive vibes helping local riders.

Joseph Perucca, Oversea Operational Director if Givi and Givi Explorer promoter.
“This is indeed a special year for us, as we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the GIVI Malaysian branch and we are bringing here our Givi Explorer Tour, to discover the hidden gems of this beautiful Country. And of course all of this will peak with our attendance to the Rimba Raid, together with several motorcycle friends and guests, coming from more than 20 different Countries.
We are very proud to be a big part of the Rimba Raid”.