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A project to help Vietnamese children

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Being an Explorer is not just about traveling on a motorcycle and visiting remote places.
It’s a mindset, a commitment to open our eyes and hearts to what is around us, embrace different cultures, expand our horizons and try to help making the world a better place, for everybody.

The participants to the 2017 GIVI Golden Triangle Adventure joined with enthusiasm the very special initiative launched by Givi Vietnam, and called “Riding for Reading”.
The project raises funds to help Vietnamese children in primary school, from the basic needs like notebooks, pens and pencils, to longer lasting investments, like health insurance coverage and full scholarships.

On Friday, November 6, 2017, while the GIVI Explorer Group was visiting the headquarters and production facility of GIVI Vietnam, near Ho Chi Minh City, a small event took place to give further exposure to this important initiative.

The young scholars of one of the several primary school that the project is supporting, came to meet in person the travelers of the GIVI Golden Triangle Adventure. In their cute uniforms and accompanied by their teachers and an emotional principal, the kids were individually awarded by Hendrika Visenzi, CEO of the GIVI Group, and Jospeh Perucca, GIVI Overseas Operational Director.
Right after, they all joined Roberto Cajati, Italian Vice-Ambassador to Vietnam and Michele D’Ercole, president of ICHAM (the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam) and all the travelers for a group photo on the small stage prepared for the occasion.

The school was also given a further US$800, donated at lunch by the GIVI Explorer travelers through an impromptu fund raiser.