The Morocco Adventure 2018

9-16 November 2018

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The Morocco Adventure
9-16 November 2018

It feels like yesterday, but it has been 5 years already.
In November 2018 the annual GIVI Explorer Tour will celebrate its 5th edition!

Something that started as a small adventure among friends has now become a major event, that not only reinforces the relationship among the international members of the extended GIVI family, but also serves as a tough test bench for our new products, right before they are released on the global market.

But above all GIVI EXPLORER TOUR represents a way to learn, assimilate and unify different cultures, languages and work ethics, and a great push to find new paths to explore, not only physically but also in our minds and in our hearts.

That is why for the 5th edition we chose Morocco: a land that for centuries served as a bridge between Europe and Africa, a unique melting pot that will not disappoint. We have no doubt that The Morocco Adventure will be one to remember!