Emirates Travelers’ Festival 2018

Here’s how she enjoyed this experience.

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Guests included Anita Yosuf,
GIVI world Ambassador.

It is not every day that you receive an e-mail from the secretariat of the Crown Prince of Dubai … but that is exactly what happened, a few months ago, to “our” Anita Yosuf.
She was preparing to take part in the African Ride when she was invited to be a speaker, from 19 to 22 December 2018, at the Emirates Travellers’ Festival in Dubai, an international event that involved travellers from all corners of the planet who talked about their experiences, in many cases real adventures to the limits of incredible.

Anita, who represented the “adventure” motorcyclist category at the event, had the opportunity to meet and exchange views with some extraordinary people who have travelled the world using the most varied means, from bicycles to caravans, on foot, hitchhiking… amongst the most unusual reported by our Ambassador were Spaniard, Alvaro, who travelled on a water scooter, Yemenite, Ahmad Al Qashemi, who toured most of the world riding his camel and Alessandro from Italy, a blind backpacker.

At the Festival venue, the evocative Mushrif Park, each speaker had their own corner where they could introduce themselves and talk to visitors. Anita was given an hour to tell her story, which was a great success with the public and especially amongst the local women, who expressed their recognition as they took inspiration from her story.

This was, without doubt, an invaluable experience for Anita, not only from a professional and cultural point of view, but also from a human point of view. Between interviews with local and international newspapers, activities and presentations, she also found time to experiment, with a cultural and culinary journey around Dubai, which undoubtedly left its mark … "You are never too full for more lamb biryani!" she told us.

Precisely for this reason, she asked us to once again renew her thanks through our portal: "I would like to thank the Emirates Travellers’ Festival committee for having hosted me here, especially Mr. Awad, Madam Najwa and Mr. Hasan for giving me the opportunity to be part of this festival."