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It’s autumn, which for motorcycles means only one thing: storage!

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The meeting point for our GIVI customers

And what better place to store your motorbike than its very own garage.
Introducing MyGARAGE by GIVI, a virtual garage designed to offer services and personalised content to GIVI product owners, and where we can build customer loyalty and offer services to our customers.

Our company has always come with a guarantee: the quality and robustness of our products. This is why we have decided to extend the manufacturer’s warranty on top cases for two more years in addition to the mandatory guarantee and statutory conditions applicable to all of our European users.
Customers who buy a GIVI top case can register their purchase on our website or in store at the time of purchase to instantly obtain the extended warranty. (the warranty will be processed by the retailer; GIVI will issue the warranty upon successful verification of the documents)

More services for our customers: a way of building trust.

MyGARAGE is the exclusive area for GIVI users: be the first to find out about new products, save your GIVI-branded accessories and purchases, check the prices of your favourite products, and much more. What’s more, users with extended warranty can access a digital copy of the receipt whenever they need. You can also view your own motorcycle, the products you have purchased and all of your active GIVI services. In an increasingly integrated and digital world, GIVI is ahead of the curve in innovation. MyGARAGE is only the first step towards a more personalised communication for each of our customers.