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Temet Nosce World Bike Ride 16-19

World Bike Ride by Temet Nosce

Great Venture
Great Venture

We are two friends with a dream: to transform our lives in a journey, a long journey. We started off on our motorbikes to explore the 5 continents: America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania. We face any kind of challenge, all kinds of routes and roads. From sacrifice comes strength, from fear courage, from mistakes… experience! What we are living is an unstoppable adventure in the depths of ourselves. What we want to do is inspire others to keep overcoming their limits. We will do it in 45 months, travelling over 200,000kms around the world. Don’t miss any stage of our great adventure!

Around the world motorcycle trip itinerary

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The protagonists

Alexandre Dupont andThiago Costa

The protagonists

Alexandre Dupont andThiago Costa

“Temet nosce” is the Latin version of the Greek saying written in Apollo’s temple in Delphi, and it means “Know yourself”. The adventurous motorbike travellers Alexandre Dupont and Thiago Costa made it their own, convinced that only in the depths of man can truth be found. So their motorbike trip round the world becomes a journey in search of themselves. To know their limits, put their characters to test, challenge their endurance.

Alexandre Dupont
Brazilian, 47 years old, electrical engineer, mathematician, accountant, explorer and adventurer. A biker since 1985, he has travelled along the roads and tracks of Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Uruguay. On his BMW F800 GS in 2015 he has travelled alone for 11,500kms in the mountains of the Cordillera of the Andes facing difficult roads at altitudes of up to 4,950m and in almost impossible weather conditions. He has 20-years experience as a diver and explorer of underwater caves in Brazil, the Bahamas, Croatia, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Greece, Mexico, Palau and the USA; in 1987 he organised and led the first expedition in an underwater cave in Brazil, filmed by the biggest national TV show. Since 1986 he has also been a passionate rock climber: Austrian Alps, Argentinian and Peruvian Andes and tall mountains in Brazil, the USA, Greece and Switzerland.

Thiago Costa
Brazilian, 37 years old, accountant, ex high-level manager and financial manager for big national and international companies, adventurer and biker since 1992. Presently president and founder member of the Barracuda Moto Club, he is one of the best Brazilian bikers with a passion for all kinds of terrain. He has travelled for hundreds of thousands of miles along the roads of Brazil and South America. He rides any kind of bike, from the traditional custom to sports bikes at high speed on professional tracks. Hiker and trekker in the most unusual and inhospitable places in Brazil, from the coast to high-altitude camps, he records his trips in HD with professional photographs and videos. He has been an acrobatic parachutist for 15 years. He loves the arts and music, he plays the harmonica in São Paulo City’s night clubs.