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Stage 8

Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador

Motorcycle trip through Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador.

Great Venture
Great Venture

Nicaragua: From the planning stage of the trip, I knew that it would be better to cross fast through Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. Wanting to stay safe and considering the magnitude of my project, not wanting to take unnecessary risks, better to cross the border, very long and bureaucratic procedure, get directly to Chinandenga, where I sleep and follow on directly to El Salvador, crossing Honduras without stopping.

This country has drawn my attention for its huge plantations of tobacco and child workers transiting the roads. I met two boys on the road, we talked a little, recorded and followed.
After sleeping on the roadside in a safe place following the trip without witnessing dangerous situations, but aware that I was doing the right thing, to preserve the safety of my bike, my project and myself.

Honduras: In Chinandega in Nicaragua, I headed to Guasaule to cross the border, it’s difficult to understand the steps and forms. I met a Belgian driving a KTM 990, got together during the process, which after four hours was finalized and I move on. He goes north and I follow my next route to the Pacific Ocean. I crossed the whole country in just over an hour until the border with El Salvador in El Amatillo.

El Salvador: Without a doubt, this was the most difficult border to cross due to the extreme heat, coming and going with endless documents and rows, repeating the bureaucracy and meaningless processes.
I entered the country and ran the best I could, until the early evening, when I stopped to rest in San Vicente, a small town before the capital and stayed there. I could not leave the place where I was to dine for security reasons, then one of the guards kindly offered to buy pupusas and soda for my dinner.

The next day very early I was already ready to go to Guatemala, via poor roads to the border, here again it was difficult to leave the country.
Experience that prepares me for what’s to come in the future in other less developed countries.

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