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Stage 7

Panama and Costa Rica

Motorcycle trip between Panama and Costa Rica

Great Venture
Great Venture

Panama: After collecting the vehicles, it was time to say goodbye to the dear Argentine friends, they headed to the beaches of the Atlantic and I went toward the city of Panama, which would be a few days and then headed to Playa Venao, where I found Fernando, friend and host of a Brazilian adventure programme that interviewed me and we stayed a few days together. It’s great to find Brazilian friends on the route.

Panama is a very organized and developing country, I could see its capital’s rapid expansion. After this beach, I went directly to the border, prepared to face much less developed and dangerous countries. All reports I read about Central America from Costa Rica to Guatemala, present many problems and risky situations. But that’s it, go ahead.

Panama’s roads are excellent, all with controlled speed and many services along the way.

Costa Rica: I crossed the border in Paso Canoas and at that time began what would actually be commonplace along the crossing of Central America, extreme bureaucracy, endless and senseless forms and processes to exist, but I have no alternative, so I go ahead . I was forced to take out insurance for the bike, and back and forth with copies of documents to inspect the bike.

I arrived in Ciudad Nelly, only to sleep and head to Quepos town where there are the beach of Manuel Antonio and the national park of the same name.
Amazing country. Much diversity of animals and flora, very good roads and extremely friendly people. I visited the beach, the national park and listened to the hostel owner’s tips, a biker named Alvaro, to follow up the Pensinsula of Nicoya, which would provide stunning beaches and trails for off-road rides. I follow their guidelines and went.

Everything perfect, from the ferry that crosses the Pacific, until the arrival in Montezuma Beach, Heaven on Earth. Impressive, it is as the Costa Ricans say, your country is Pura Vida. Wonderful.

The southern peninsula region has the most beautiful beaches I’ve been to in my life. Montezuma, Mal Pais, Tamarindo. Clean. Fantastic weather.
From there, I move on, bound to Arenal volcano by off-road. What an experience driving through the jungle with many rivers, steep ascents and descents, very hot, but beautiful as well as the country itself, which at that time already had extremely impressed me.
The volcano is powerful, imposing. It is remarkable for its size. On the way I pass all Laguna Arenal, with its crystal green water, with ascents and descents that allowed a fantastic view.

I came to La Fortuna town at the foot of the volcano, full of backpackers from around the world that explore the natural surroundings and extreme sports in that region.
Costa Rica calls attention to its nature and climate – Fantastic.
Days after exploring the volcanic region, I headed to Peñas Blancas, last city of Costa Rica, before entering Nicaragua.

I slept and the next day I woke up early to cross the border and start the journey in the most fearful places until then.

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