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Motorcycle trip in Argentina

Great Venture
Great Venture

Smooth and straight roads. Endless straight roads until the arrival in Salta, through Corrientes, a city where according to reports I read, there is police corruption, but was not stopped any time. I took the Pampas regions including Pampa del Infierno, very hot and with many, many insects and birds along the stretch. In fact, when I was in Argentina, I faced temperatures of up to 41 ° C during the day, with moderate temperatures overnight. In the first gas tank refueling of the bike, I could feel the difference in performance due to the significant improvement of the quality of gasoline.

At Salta on the border with Chile, the weather eased, making the ride even more pleasant. I went through San Salvador de Jujuy and Purmamarca, small towns with a special charm. Its atmosphere, buildings, attractions and location make this a very interesting region to discover.

This is the beginning of the Andean climate, with clearer air and higher altitudes, which will accompany me for thousands of kilometers in the South American section of the trip. I was rapidly in northern Argentina because I wanted to reach as soon as possible the Paso Jama, which did not disappoint me. Beautiful. The Cordillheira of the Andes is magnificent. Impressive.

The day I arrived at the border of Paso Jama, which is the highest border between the Argentine territory and Chile, I feel the effects of altitude and notice the thin air getting cooler and the days becoming clearer. Delicious sensations. I arrived at the border, formalized my departure from Argentina and made the immigration entry in Chile. I waited for a few minutes as the official of Chilean Customs inspected the bike, telling me that I had no problems and I could continue. During my days passing through Argentina, I stayed in simple hostels, with an average cost of approximately R$ 40.00 per night and meals had an average cost of R$ 20.00.

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