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Stage 9

Guatemala and Mexico

Motorcycle trip in Guatemala and Mexico

Great Venture
Great Venture

Guatemala: I entered Guatemala by Las Chimanas and unlike the previous country, here it was quieter and better organized, yet time consuming, but better than the experience in its neighbouring country.
I crossed the country’s capital quickly, but I realized that it is a fast growing city with many works, impressive buildings and big shopping areas. One can already see the North American influence there.

I drove straight to Panajachel, a town on lake Atitlan, the same name of one of the three volcanoes that are there, the others are the Toliman and San Pedro. Very beautiful place. With waterfalls, breathtaking views and tranquility. Finally it was quiet, because the worst was over. Extremely winding roads brought me there, but in good condition. I drove more smoothly in this country, with very attentive and kind people, I was a few days there to rest for the marathon I will be facing.

I explored the area around and experienced different, but delicious local food.
From there, the destination was Mexico, in the city of Tapachula. Road conditions worsened significantly, so it took a long time to reach the border. Both to exit Guatemala, and to enter Mexico, it was quiet, despite the extreme heat. This country left a very good memory, for its people and interesting places.

Mexico: The border between Guatemala and Mexico was one of the quietest so far, with absolutely no queue on either side, it was a positive sign of things to come in this great country.

I slept in Tapachula, because depending on the time zone change, it was too late to ride along unknown roads.
My direction the next day was Puerto Angel, a village on the coast. Very good roads led me there and when I arrived, another positive surprise, with a gorgeous spot, fishing boats, clean beach and sparkling sea. Too much heat and humidity did not bother me due to the beauty of the place. I found a hostel a few meters from the beach.
I lived like in a movie scene, in a small village, eating freshly caught fish, cheerful people, coming and going from the sea, under a bright sun and blue sky. I daydream there.

I move on to Puerto Escondido, traditional stronghold of the world surfers with great waves, it is a fantastic, long and clear beach. This is already a place with more tourist infrastructures, but without losing the charm, especially Zicatela, very close to Puerto Escondido. Wow, the heat was really intense, I literally dripped! From the coast, headed to Taxco, one of the magical pueblos of Mexico. Town located on the side of a high hill.
Complicated transit but excellent roads! There are many tolls, but the ride is fantastic all the way. My destination is the giant Mexico City.

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