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Motorcycle trip in Ecuador

Great Venture
Great Venture

Another surprise after the smooth crossing between borders, Ruta Panamericana has a lovely stretch called Troncal de la Sierra, which connects the bridge separating Peru and Ecuador.
The road is all curves, up by high hills to reach the Nuboso Grove. From above it is possible to understand the reason for this name, fog permeates all villages that are at the foot of these mountains, resulting in a wonderful vision. The sky is always clear and the sun always present above the clouds, it makes us think how nature is wonderful and as we went up and down the Troncal curves at times the fog allowed the sun’s rays to illuminate the road. Indescribable.I was scheduled to spend little time in Ecuador, which I did.

The first night I spent in Cuenca and has headed to Quito where I needed to do the check up of the bike anyway. It took me long to find the motorcycle dealership, which I found through the help of a lawyer who I met while talking to police, asking for indications.

This lawyer, Antonio, also a biker, came to me asking if he needed help, a fact that happened a lot along the way, many people come to see the loaded bike and the flag of Brazil, together with my bags, it is a very interesting and different from sense of hospitality from whatI am used to in my day-to-day executive job, in the commercial and financial districts of São Paulo. I got to the dealership, I scheduled the service for the next day and went to rest after a tiring day and heavy traffic in the capital.Check up done, I stayed the whole day with the working mechanics, very competent and attentive. My bike and I were ready to continue. It started to rain, a fact that had not happened before. I left Quito with rain until my destination, the city of Pasto in Colombia. Another border that would prove quiet.

Ecuador is an expensive country, to use US dollars as local currency and our Real being devalued, prices were higher than usual, with the hotel in Quito, which was of an intermediate category, costing R$ 120.00 per night and meals around R$ 50.00.

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