Tourer Motorcycle 2017

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The autumn fairs have presented to bike lovers the updated  versions and new models destined to invade the market. S

cooter, sports,  new classics, naked, off-road…and obviously tourers and crossovers. This  short report, made for the visitors of our website, is dedicated to  these last categories.

Thanks to companies like GIVI “tourer bikes” is a definition that today  has a wider meaning than in the past… Still keeping the differences  between the adventure tour (which requires a vehicle studied to face  various on-and off-road situations) and the comfortable road holiday.  Following this “expanded philosophy” we inserted in the list some  outsiders, eager to be tested with cases, bags, windscreens and various  accessories. For more in-depth technical data you can visit the  manufacturers’ websites.


S 1000 XR

The crossover from Munich, 2017 version, has undergone minor changes.  Now it’s EURO 4 type approved, update that has allowed BMW to add 5CV  more to the engine. More comfortable ride and wider range of colours.  Among the small changes, the rack now can sustain a greater weight  (10kg).

R1200 GS / ADVENTURE e K 1600 GT / GTL

BMW’s flagship bikes for long trips have seen some technical updates  (GS); a new control panel (ADV), new colours (among which the long  awaited Triple Black) and a very manageable ABS, called PRO, that can  control these big bikes even during sudden breaks on curves. BMW’s  6-cylinder has a series of electronically adjustable suspensions; EURO 4  type-approved.


Restyling for these two enduros, which now look at a more ample  audience, including women thanks to the sophisticated management of the  saddle. Versatile both on and off road (with a predisposition for dirt  tracks in the Adventures versions) with implemented riding styles (on  dry or wet ground), they offer new colours and are Euro 4 type-approved.  Available from February 2017.



Following the 1200 and the Enduro version the 950 arrives at Eicma  2016. The most compact Multistrada of the range, available in 2 colours  and with a particularly large and comfortable handlebar. Its  Testastretta is Euro 4 type-approved and delivers 950 CV at 9,000  rounds. Abs and Traction Control are standard. Destined to road touring  for couples.


CB 1100 RS / CB 1100 EX

An old-style naked with which to play with cases, soft bags and  windscreen to transform it into a sport/tourer. The bike is very elegant  and the 4 cylinders in the centre its focal point. There are two  versions, seen that Honda re-proposes the EX with new details to make it  even more classic like the chrome mud guards, the wire-spoked wheels,  the double control panel. Bikes to equip with the right cases to then  leave with no destination. Euro 4, available from March 2017.


Slightly greater cylinder capacity but a lot more horsepower and in  general a lot of details have been revisited. The “R” is for lovers of  knobby tyres, with suspensions with a greater excursion and 21” and 18”  wheels (wire-spoked in the “R” version). Foot rests, handlebars and  windscreen are adjustable. The Adventure R will arrive in March.


Also this cylinder capacity is now proposed in two new set-ups. The  “R”, as before, is for the more off-road version, the “S” is for the one  more inclined towards the road and has spoked wheels, a new set of  lights and different front. Rich standard equipment, especially  regarding the geometry of the bike. Also the “R” defends itself, with  long-extension WP suspensions, 21” wheel and a lot of electronics for  off-road lovers. The tank capacity of these KTMs is 23 litres. Available  from March.


Z1000 SX

Pure-breed sport tourer which has been worked on from both sides to  improve it in the most balanced possible way. For tourism there is a  wider spoiler and powerful lights. The tank holds 19 litres, assisted  start (convenient when you have to start the bike uphill, possibly with a  passenger and luggage).


Great anticipation for the 4 cylinder My 2017. Great at clocking up  miles, Versys 1000 brings new colours, updated equipment and sensitive  interventions to the motor and cycles. True novelty is the little tourer  by Kawasaki, an entry level that will allow for “light” tourism with a  twin-cylinder from 296 cc. interesting note: with a full tank you will  run 400 km.

Moto Guzzi


Softer than a Bobber, seems more inclined to become a  tourer, given the cruiser style it carries, equipped just like the  Nevada 750 was for decades. An 850 cc motor, white and yellow colours.  Approval euro 4.


The 2017 version is definitely “tourism-like”. Very well thought and  extremely accessorized series, with an integrated passenger back rest  and handlebar. The motor becomes euro type 4.The California is an iconic  bike and its actualization maintains an exemplary imprinting.

Royal Enfield


In the east it is bought and rented by bikers from all over the  world. It is an historic label, always present at international bike  fairs with a different gear as seen at Intermot and EICMA this year.  This new model is full of adventure. The motor has been challenging  Himalayan roads for decades and like no other. It’s LS 410 (its cylinder  capacity), you ride it like a off-road on paths and comes in two  colours. It lifts quite high from the ground so as not to touch the  grounds’ roughness but it is enough to apply a carter protector to be  sure. 450 kms with 15 litres in its tank.


V-STROM 650 – 650 XT

Always more beautiful and “crossover” the highly successful medium  cylinder capacity by Suzuki. This house too proposed a double street  version, which presents a smaller V-Strom even in enduro asset: spoked  wheels, hand guards and engine guard in light alloy. In both cases the  motor has been revised, now euro type 4, and with exhaust pipe. Traction  control is included, here on two levels. Compact design, new back tail  (XT available from February).

V-STROM 1000 – 1000 XT

Two new looks for the elder sister, same aesthetic choices and  up-grade EURO type 4 available on the 650 adding a sophisticated touch  and a inertial platform (which here debuts) which controls the ABS. The  entire V-Strom line uses the same tank, with a capacity of 20 litres.  The 1000 standard arrives in March, the XT in May.



Here’s the new mono by an Italian brand. As you can see it is  suitable for tourism and equipped to travel off-road. 57 CV, Euro 4,  alloy wheels, 19 ‘’ front wheel, hand guard, engine guard, and carter  protector are all standard. On the market from the beginning of 2017.



The true “classic”, many people have entrusted their own lives to it  in the streets that have taken them all around the world. A thin bike  but easily personalized with bags which do not distort its soul,  Bonneville 2017 is unmistakeable (produced also detuned). Three new  colours (the other one is obviously black). Compared to the past we find  better suspensions and frame. The engine pulls more and consumes less.  ABS and Traction Control also in place.



Two new colours for 2017: Blue and Tech Black. The house evaluated that there were not any technical interventions to consider.


Always competitive price, spot on formula, three cylinders that work  well at supporting a riding style and perfect bike geometry for tourism.  No considerable changes for 2017 if not for some details and a new  choice of colours.