The Latest Touring Models (part 2)

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Having previous considered small and medium-sized motorcycles,  we now move on to the ‘big hitters’ of the adventure world. Here, the  many all-terrain, crossover, enduro and sport touring models that  manufacturers will start selling later this year (some are already  available). Let us know if we’ve overlooked any!

Maxi Bikes

BMW R 1250 GS
The 2022 version remains almost identical to its predecessor, except for  a few small details. Updates are expected in the near future.

BMW K 1600 GTL
This BMW six-cylinder GT boasts some important new features for 2022.  These include electronic suspension with automatic load-based balancing,  an adaptive cornering LED headlamp, and a dashboard that centres around  an impressive 10” TFT maxi-screen. A state-of-the-art 2.0 audio system  also comes as standard.
The engine delivers 160 HP and presents a maximum torque value (180Nm)  that exceeds that of the previous K1600. The powertrain also features  drag torque control (MSR). Available in three colours, the bike is  already available for purchase.

DUCATI Multistrada V2
The Multistrada gateway model, the V2 is powered by the 950 cc  Testastretta 11°, which is revised not only in terms of its Euro 5  approval. Ducati has also modified the gearing and clutch in order to  ensure ultimate performance. Additional features include the trellis  frame, double-sided alloy swingarm, and 19” front wheel. Significant  investment in the new model’s ergonomics makes for a more comfortable  and safe ride, with a complete package of rider assist systems,  electronic suspension and four riding modes.
The design stands out for its clean lines, imposing overall shape and  refined graphics. Now narrower and closer to the ground (compared to the  old 950), the seat is new, as are the tail section, engine covers, hand  guards, rear-view mirrors and footpegs.

This motorcycle marks the manufacturer’s first foray into the  maxi-enduro market, one characterised by all-terrain models that are  equally at home on the asphalt as they are in the African dunes. It  mounts an L twin engine, specifically the 937 cc Testastretta 11°  complete with all the mechanical improvements introduced by Ducati on  the Multistrada V2. The gear ratios are shortened to facilitate off-road  riding, while the electronics involve six specific riding mode  settings, including Enduro and the brand-new Rally. All adjustments can  be viewed on the vertical 5” TFT display.
The bike also features a very robust new frame, convincing ground  clearance (250 mm), and ultra-adjustable front and rear Kayaba  suspension. The wheels measure 21” and 18”, as the 2022 trend appears to  dictate. And then there are full LED lights and a rear light in case of  unexpected braking. The 21-litre tank can be supplemented with an  additional 8-litre tank at the rear. The bike has a dry weight of a  little over 200 kg.

Already on sale, this new touring model boasts a high front end and is  powered by a 1084 cc parallel twin, the development of which was based  on that of the Africa Twin. Honda presents it as “as a sporting, agile  bike but one that’s also enjoyable to ride all day” and, in effect, the  manufacturer has spent a lot of time studying both the aerodynamic  protection and the riding comfort it affords. Equally impressive is its  SHOWA suspension system with 150 mm front and rear travel, which can be  adjusted with a knob.
The electronics involve the Ride by Wire throttle control as well as  three fixed riding modes and two customisable modes. And of course  there’s cruise control. LED lights (the front resembles that of the  X-ADV) and heated hand grips as standard. The dashboard also includes  the TFT display (6.5”). The 20-litre tank ensures a range of approx. 400  km.

HONDA Africa Twin
Rather than a new version, this model is more about minor updates. The  CRF1000L gains an aluminium rack and new colour schemes. In addition to  new colours, the Adventure Sports version also features a lower,  height-adjustable windscreen. Its technical equipment is almost  identical to that of previous versions. Both are already on sale.

HUSQVARNA Norden 901
Highly anticipated, this bike adds to the line up of road-going maxi  enduro models with its original line, almost a little vintage (the round  headlamp…). The manufacturer presents it as “an adventure touring  motorcycle” and, in effect, the chassis lends it to the dirt, with  adjustable WP Apex suspension with 220 mm front travel and 215 mm rear  travel, a height-adjustable seat and 21” and 18” wheels. Added to this  are electronics system to support the rider – throttle management  control, Easy Shift gearing, cruise control and three riding modes.
The Bosch ABS is sensitive to lean angle and cane be deactivated at the  rear wheel. The Husqvarna-branded J. Juan braking system is  sophisticated, bringing MotoGP technology to the motorcycle. The Norden  901 is powered by a 889 cc, 105 HP parallel twin. The tank has a  capacity of 19 litres.

The brand’s flagship touring model. In its updated version, the SE  remains very similar aesthetically speaking (front) but present new  chassis solutions and an infinite electronics package (we simply don’t  have to room to explain it here, but you can find more details online).  Comfort is focused on the new saddles with large seat area and the KECS  electronic suspension, a system that works in harmony with Showa Skyhook  technology to best modulate the damping of stress from the ground.
The electronics control riding thanks to three riding modes, the engine  brake, cornering traction and more. The inline four is almost untouched,  as is its supercharger, capable of delivering 200 HP. Its exhaust  system has been redesigned.
This bike is the first KAWASAKI to offer the FI ECU and six-axis IMU.
Also as standard are the headed hand grips, the ARAS (a radar with front  and rear sensors that work with the adaptive cruise control provided)  and the 6.5” TFT display.

KAWASAKI Versys 1000 S/SE
Both the S and SE models are available in new colours. No changes have  been made to the engine or chassis. We remind you that the two models  differ in terms of their suspension (semi-active on the SE).

KTM 1290 Super Duke GT
Another sport tourer… Powered by a 1301 cc V twin (LC8) that can deliver an impressive 175 HP.
The update proposed by KTM for 2022 includes WP APEX semi-active  suspension compete with anti-dive, adjustable according to four  settings; brakes with cornering ABS, lighter wheels (both 17”), a  23-litre tank, a new navigation system and instrumentation with 7” TFT  that can also be managed via a conveniently placed joystick.
This KTM is the first to be equipped with the new TBT+ navigation  system, which allows the rider to plan routes in a very detailed way.

MOTO GUZZI V100 Mandello
This model secures a place on our list thanks to its desire to be known  as a “sport touring” roadster. A status that is highlighted by its  “active” aerodynamic deflectors on the tank (17.5 litres of fuel), which  automatically adjust based on the vehicle’s speed and the riding mode  set (4), its height-adjustable top fairing, cruise control and heated  hand grips. The engine is a very compact 1042 cc transverse V twin  (referred to as Compact Block). The Öhlins suspension is semi-active and  competes with a very comprehensive electronics package that includes:  cornering ABS, quick shift, Ride by Wire accelerators, a 6-axis inertial  platform, and more besides…
The 5” TFT display and full LED light set also come as standard.

MV AGUSTA Lucky Explorer project
An important debut, with the profile of Cagiva Elefant models that  starred in 1980s rally world. We’re talking about the MV Agusta Lucky  Explorer project and the two versions it comprises, the 9.5 and the 5.5.
As we’re looking at maxi bikes here, our attention is focused on the 9.5.
For this Explorer, the manufacturer has created a new bike, inspired by  its 800 inline three-cylinder, which has been boosted, but not in  physical size, to 930 cc.
Let’s start with the glaringly apparent attention for detail, inspired  by the Cagiva Elefant; from the radiator fairing to the hand guards,  disc cover and engine guard plate… Not to mention the paint job. All of  which contributes to giving the motorcycle strong off-road connotations,  In addition, contemporary electronics technology such as the  instrumentation with 7” TFT display via which to configure the ride,  which can be enhanced with four riding modes.
The Sachs suspension is semi active. And it’s not hard to guess the wheel sizes – 21” and 18”.
According to the trade press, production will underway approx. one year from now.
MV Agusta also hopes to attract the attention of rally enthusiasts with this project.

SUZUKI Hayabusa GSX-S 1000 GT
An “angular” sport touring model of more than 150 HP, complete with  fairings designed in the wind tunnel that increase its stability at high  speeds. The 999 cc four-cylinder engine is used by Suzuki on its super  naked, but power delivery is smoother here (dedicated mapping), more  ‘compatible’ with its touring character. The electronics are extensive,  with Up/Down gearbox, three riding modes and Ride by Wire accelerator  all as standard. Then there is cruise control and the TFT display, 6.5”  in this case, which enhances the new dashboard. The chassis is not  drastically different, but the handlebar, wider than its predecessor,  makes for a more upright riding position. The tank has a capacity of 19  litres. The bike is already available for purchase.

TRIUMPH Tiger 1200
The 2022 version of this “adventurous” British maxi comprises two  families, one that includes the GT, GT PRO and GT EXPLORER models, more  road touring-oriented, and the more technical RALLY, which is also set  up for off-road with the PRO and EXPLORER versions. The first group  mount 19” and 18” wheels, the second group 21” and 18”.
The tank capacity also changes, going from 20 to 30 litres for the top-of-line models.
The big five all adopt the same 1160 cc three-cylinder engine that is  essentially all-new (from its crankshaft to its final drive), despite it  deriving from that of the Speed Triple RS. The performance in terms of  power and torque is also more impressive than that of previous TIGER  versions, while the bike’s weight has been lowered by a good 25 kg.
The standard electronics relating to rider assistance do not disappoint,  even more comprehensive on the RALLY versions, which feature no less  than six riding modes, including Offroad Pro.
The two top-of-line Tiger 2022 EXPLORER models also feature a  dual-purpose radar, which controls the blind sport and sends a warning  when the rider is about the change lane in cases where said lane is  already occupied by another vehicle.
Also worthy of note are the adaptive full LED lights and braking system complete with cornering function.
The 2022 colour schemes and three variants for the remaining four versions.