The New Tourer 2023 (electric)

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So much choice, on a wide-ranging landscape that features legendary models but also new manufacturers
and unusual crossovers, powered by electric motors. Almost all the motorcycles described will land on the market
during the first half of 2023.


Bearing the Zero Motorcycles name, this is the first Adventure bike to be powered by an electric motor.
Tourers are the best-selling bikes right now, and this trend pushes every manufacturer to rise to the challenge. Presented at EICMA, the American brand’s latest crossover stands out for its 19” and 17” spoked wheels and light cluster borrowed from the SR/S sport tourer, already part of the range.
The revised ZF 75-10X motor is powered by a Z-Force lithium ion battery (17.3 kWh capacity) controlled by the Cypher III+ operating system. And it’s punchy, with declared performance values of 225 Nm, 100 hp and a top speed of 180 km/h. Long-range trips are not possible without recharging. We’re talking a combined range of 185 km. The outlet is located above the artificial tank.
As for the chassis, a brand new trellis frame is combined with just the right ground clearance and ultra-adjustable SHOWA suspension with up to 200 mm of travel.
In addition, there is an adjustable top fairing, customisable mappings, extensive electronics for a safer ride, and a wide range of accessories, starting with the indispensable engine guard.
Available in two colours.


The Modena-based electric motorcycle manufacturer presented the latest upgrade of its Green Tourer at EICMA. The project, which was launched two and a half years ago, is now almost ready.
EXPERIA features a new frame, a redesigned PMASynRM motor that supplies 60 kW (80 hp) and 115 Nm of torque, and a super 22.5-kWh battery that allows for 420 km of travel in an urban environment and roughly 250 km on mixed surfaces. Generally speaking, the vehicle has gained in terms of its centre of gravity, now lower, which adds to its low-speed rideability and agility on mixed terrain. It comes complete with 17” alloy wheels, Pirelli Scorpion Trail II tyres, ZF Sachs suspension and Brembo braking system. And that’s not all, as there’s also traction control, cruise control, a choice of 7 map profiles, regenerative braking and cornering ABS.