New 2020 Touring Motorcycles

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The New Touring Motorcycles for Two-wheel Tourism

Once again Motorcycle companies have selected the EICMA showcase  in Milan as the place to reveal their new 2020 models.

It’s a long  list, but we’ve selected some of the new releases aimed at  motorcyclists, with particular emphasis on those that are similar to our  customers’ usual tastes. 


BMW F900 XR, BMW F900 F e S1000 XR

We highlight the BMW F900 XR. As a new release from  the Brand’s Adventure range, this tourer is an advocate of both fast  driving and relaxed travelling. The bike has an adjustable saddle height  and windscreen, with adaptive LED technology and electronic control for  better safety. Its twin engine raises the “F” selection’s range to 895  cc, with 105 hp and 92 Nm of torque, as well as custom performance  features available for those with an A2 licence. It comes in 3 colours.
For 2020, the “adventurous” new S1000 XR supersport  model is here, with its revised traction and engine, which is now  categorised Euro 5 and has a price tag that will bring more torque to  the low-medium range.


DesertX e Multistrada 1260 S Gran Tour

Designed for raid lovers, the Ducati DesertX  prototype has sparked interest. It has a large capacity fuel tank and  second fuel tank in the back end, with an air-cooled 1100 LTR twin  engine. The bike is a reminder of the Cagiva Elefant from the 90’s.  Other features to note are the double circular LED headlight and the 21”  front wheel. Ducati could choose to put it into production.
The stand also showcased the Multistrada 1260 S Gran Tour, which included several side cases that match the body, heated handles, LED spotlights and an electronic fuel cap.

Harley Davidson

Pan America 1250
The American Brand showcased the final version of the Pan America 1250.  The impressive enduro bike takes the brand into the “Adventure” segment  with its 145 hp V twin liquid-cooled Revolution Max engine. Features of  the bike included LED headlights, TFT monitor, 19” front-spoked wheels,  Brembo brakes and electronic suspension. The design showcased at the  event included a trio of aluminium cases.


Africa Twin CRF 1100L and Goldwing GL1800
Honda Africa Twin CRF 1100L is the name of this  iconic bike’s 2020 incarnation. With an engine that has been enhanced to  improve capacity and power that now reaches up to 102 hp, it debuts in  the Euro 5 range. Its fuel tank size has also grown by 20 litres, but  that doesn’t disrupt the new compact and streamlined look. The new  Africa model includes numerous electronic features for better driving,  as well as an automatic gearbox with dual clutch transmission (DCT).
Also, for those who dream of travelling the world “from a throne”, but  with a six-cylinder engine… the new majestic Goldwing debuts under its  2020 name, GL1800.


Norden 901

The new Norden 901 enduro bike that was previewed in  Milan is sure to be talked about. It has borrowed technical foundations  from the KTM 790 but updated them with an engine that graces the 889 cc  mark, with WP suspension and 21” front wheel. It also stands out  aesthetically, with an extended fairing, a 20 litre fuel tank and a  brand new saddle. We can definitely note it down as the first adventure  tourer from this manufacturer. We hope to see it available for purchase  in 2020.



The Indian Challenger is another EICMA preview  dedicated to two-wheeled tourism. Its size and bulk in comparison to  American standards are considerable. Its V twin cylinder almost reaches  1,800 cc, with torque and power (122 hp) delivered in the range from  3,800 to 5,500 rpm. Features of this bike include a fairing that is  fixed onto the frame, an adjustable electronic windscreen, LED lights,  Brembo brakes and lots of electronics that create an undoubtedly classic  look. The side cases also come as standard.


KTM 390 Adventure

The new release is called KTM 390 Adventure and  represents an excellent starting point for the Explorer range. It boasts  a 373 cc mono engine (as seen on the smaller Duke model) and has 44 hp.  Its 6-gear gearbox, WP adjustable suspension and 19” and 17” wheels  make it more of a crossover bike than an adventure bike, but with  semi-studded tires that bring light off-roading well within reach. It  also has electronic drive control, a well sized fuel tank and a  height-adjustable windscreen. A crossover bike that caters for A2  licence holders. It might also be released as an “R” version, more  geared towards off-road driving.

Moto Guzzi


V85 TT Travel is the “travel” version of the  well-known Moto Guzzi V85, seen here with a range of accessories that  include a high windscreen, heated LED spotlight knobs and MIA multimedia  interface. It has an exclusive colour scheme, with ‘Sabbia Namib’  superstructures and grey frame.

Moto Morini


The Moto Morini X-Cape brings us into the crossover  segment. Designed by Massimo Gustato and Angel Lussiana (Head of  Design), the bike is driven by a 650 cc in-line twin engine that  delivers 70hp, which is liquid cooled. The initial concept was aimed  more at the “enduro” sector but in the end Morini opted for the classic  “on-off” compromise. 19” front wheel, 17” rear wheel, 50 mm inverted  fork, 300 mm dual front discs and a saddle height that will allow even  smaller drivers to reach the ground with ease (thanks to the space left  under the engine). It also has an adjustable windscreen and TFT monitor.  A2 licence holders should look out for the stripped back version.


V-Strom 1050 e XT

V-Strom 1050 and XT. Milan also  previewed the new top-level all-terrain selection from the Japanese  manufacturer. This is its 4th version and Euro 5 homologation. The 90° V  twin engine upgrades to 1,037 cc and delivers 107 hp. It has numerous  new technical features that include the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System,  rectangular LED headlights, customisable aluminium handlebars, different  map profiles and the ride by wire accelerator.
If you’re a real adventure fiend there is the XT version with spoked  rims, engine guards and even cruise control to help with uphill starts.  The 2 versions of the 1050 will also be available to the A2 licence  holders.


Tracer 700 GT

Yamaha updated its GT model Tracer 700 to present it  in Milan. It maintains its Euro 5 engine with previous performance in  terms of both torque and power. The new features include LED lights,  adjustable windscreen and a handlebar that is both wider and designed to  accommodate small accessories, as well as a redesigned saddle, fairing  and (17 litre) fuel tank, and new suspension calibrations. It comes in 3  different colours.

Standing Out of the Crowd


The Californian ZERO MOTORCYCLES also enters the touring segment with the DSR Black Forest,  an electric motorcycle that is based on the DSR 14.4. It is kitted out  for travel, with a trio of cases, hand guards and a windscreen. Its  engine boasts almost 70 hp and a top speed of 160 km. We found no  information on power reserve, but its optional features do include a  power tank.

The Chinese brand HANWAY presented its 400X model at  EICMA. This aesthetically pleasing model aims to revive the mid-cap  crossover segment. With a 41 hp liquid-cooled twin engine, the bike  features a 41 mm inverted fork, and a 19” front rim with 296 mm dual  discs. The large tank holds more than 20 litres and has LED lights.
Also from China, ZONTES made itself known at the Milan Show with new features which included the new adventure ZT 310 model. The technical highlights of this bike are changes to the rear  suspension that now includes an aluminium single arm, multimedia TFT  monitor, expandable saddle, remote control fuel cap, electric windscreen  and LED lights. So far no modifications have been made to the 312 cc  (35 hp) engine.