The Most Comfortable Maxi-tourers on the Market

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EXPLORING THE WORLD ON THE MOTORCYCLE… JUST LIKE IN AN ARMCHAIR! The most comfortable maxi-tourers on the market.

Motorcycles that cost like SUV, they are heavyweight and bulky  on the road… but at the same time they allow to ride in pairs for hours  with the maximum relaxation that can be implemented on a motorcycle.  Prerogatives that belong to the 11 tourer flagships that we present to  you, arrived on the market in 2020.

Bmw K1600 Grand America

Turnkey price from 30.450 Euro
A very luxurious touring motorcycle, equipped to the top. Starting  from its very fluid in-line six-cylinder engine. The space to travel in  two is really large, the passenger footrests have been designed to offer  a relaxed seat to the driver; the passenger can access the seat very  easily. The support to the guide, in every driving condition, is very  complete. We indicate the reversing assistant, Dynamic ESA suspension  control, Cruise Control mode, Hill Start Control (it prevents the bike  from rolling back uphill). The standard equipment includes an audio  system with navigator ready, additional speakers of the top case, which  is standard with backrest, stop lights and direction indicators, side  cases integrated in the body, additional LED spotlights, adaptive  cornering light, Bluetooth interface, tire pressure control, engine  guard.
In addition to the standard features, numerous optionals are available:  ground lighting, BMW Navigator, Intelligent Emergency Call, clutchless  gear assistant, Keyless Ride, central locking and anti-theft system,  daytime running lights and more. Two colors.
The bike is 2,560 mm long, 1,000 mm wide and weighs 364 kg empty. The tank contains 26.5 liters.

Bmw R1250 Rt

Turnkey price from 19.700 Euro
This is the touring version of the 1250 family. To push it, is a 136 HP Boxer that offers a top speed of over 200 km/h.
BMW Shiftcam, Hill Start Control, Dynamic brake (that ad-hoc distributes  the hard breaking), traction control, Rain and Road mode, ABS Pro… all  contribute to driving support. Standard equipment adds heated grips,  electrically adjustable windshield, integrated side cases and more.
There’s no shortage of customization options to make the bike sportier,  more comfortable or more touring (with accessories such as the heated  seat, the top case, Cruise control, PRO electro-assisted gearbox, GPS  ready, high quality audio system, keyless start). The new definition of  luxury comes from the refined and elegant Option 719 and Classic  packages: It is impossible to list the complete equipment.
Five colors; tank capacity 25 liters; length 2,222 mm, width 985 mm.
Weight in running order 279 kg.

Honda Goldwing Tour Dct & Airbag

Ex-dealer price 37.590 Euro
It is the most equipped version of this extraordinary motorcycle,  today powered by a 1,800 cc six-cylinder engine, on the market since  1975 (it was called GoldWing GL1000).
We are talking about a car disguised as a motorcycle, equipped with  airbags, extraordinarily easy to drive thanks to its low center of  gravity despite its weight.
So much substance, at all levels (engine, chassis, standard equipment).
7-speed gearbox, fast and assisted gear changes with DCT, 4 Riding Mode,  Walking Mode function for movements at reduced speed both forward and  reverse, Cruise control, electric suspension preload, assistance for  uphill starts, smart key to keep in your pocket: you get on the saddle,  press a button and start. No keys, in short.
The 7″ LCD screen located centrally in the dashboard captures your  attention. It contains all the information about vehicle parameters,  driving and route. The audio system in this version is state of the art  for a motorcycle, and connects to every source present. GPS is standard.  All controls, both on the handlebars and the center screen, can be used  with gloves. Trunk and side cases are part of the equipment, the  windscreen is electric. The lighting system is full Led; grips and  saddles (made as armchairs) are heatable. Among the optional available  also the possibility to mount a backrest also behind the driver’s seat.  Tank capacity 21 liters. Wheelbase 1695 mm. Weight with a full tank of  petrol: 383 kg.
Four colors.

Indian Challenger Limited

Price from 31.490 Euro
The engine that drives this bike is the new 1,769 cc. V-shaped  PowerPlus equipped with a six-speed gearbox with overdrive and  clutch-assisted clutch.
The equipment includes an electrically adjustable windscreen, a  dashboard that brings together round analog instruments and a 7-inch  touch display with navigation as standard, weather and traffic updates  and all the info needed to synchronize other devices, manage audio and  other functions. Speaking of audio: here the system is the Indian  Premium 100 Watt.
We continue with Cruise control, full LED headlights, keyless entry, 68  liter waterproof side bags. Lots of electronics to support driving.
The Limited version is available in 3 colors. The finishes are in the same color as the bodywork.
The tank has a capacity of 22.7 liters, the dry weight is 365 kg. The bike touches in length the 2.500 mm.

Indian Roadmaster Dark Horse

Price from 32.490 Euro
The characteristics of this powerful and luxurious cruiser  motorcycle, as well as the wide and protective hull, make you forget an  empty weight that exceeds 400 kg. The engine that pushes it is the new  1,890 cc. V-shaped Thunder Stroke assisted by driving assistance systems  such as the three driving modes and Cruise Control.
Also, standard is a 7-inch touch display that informs you about every  engine parameter and displays the Ride Command navigation system. The  audio system is a stadium one (200 Watt) and even bluetooth, electric  windscreen, central locking of bags and trunk, grips and leather seat  both heated, LED light system, tire pressure sensor, Keyless start.
There is no shortage of optional accessories to achieve a more  customization that includes bags, leather backrest and chrome racks for  the rear trunk, leather armrests for the passenger, a series of  alternative saddles to the standard one, and more.
Length 2,656 mm, width 1,012 mm tank capacity 20.8 liters, empty weight 405 kg.
Three colors available.

Harley-davidson Ultra Limited

Price from 31.300 Euro
This Harley-Davidson features a Milwaukee-Eight 114-inch (1,868 cc)  twin-cylinder, advanced chassis and electronics control to support the  ride (Reflex systems), including combined braking and Cruise Control.
Side cases and rear trunk (with top rack) are standard. The protective  fairing also on the legs contributes to air protection. Heated grips and  a passenger seat with backrest are added to the ride comfort  management.
As standard we also have a 25 watt channel stereo sound system, with 4  speakers, SD card input, USB, Bluetooth supported, passenger intercom.  The dashboard combines a 6.5 inch TFT color display and a classic  instrument set with 4 round analog indicators.
There are two colors, to which are added – optional – optional custom color choices.
Length 2,600 mm, tank capacity 22.7 liters, dry weight 399 kg.

Harley-davidson Cvo Limited

Price from 44.000 Euro
A truly full optional Harley-Davidson model, powered by a Milwaukee  Eight 117, 1923 cc engine (the maximum displacement for H-D touring  bikes). The list of standard equipment is very long. We mention for  example the adaptive Led front headlamp with additional lights that are  activated according to the angle of inclination of the bike, the  anti-theft Security System, hydraulic clutch assistance, Tomahawk  wheels, direct control of the operation via App (H-D Connect Service).  And again the possibility to make hands-free calls and converse with the  passenger. Side cases + trunk with luggage rack are of course standard  as well as the sound system (75 watts per channel) and heated grips. To  support communication and navigation there is a 6.5 inch TFT color  display. The aesthetics showcases a superbly crafted, as well as  exclusive, paint finish.
The weight is the highest in its category: 411 kg. The bike reaches a length of 2,600 mm.
Three colors available for the Limited.


Price from 22.490 Euro
It is Ducati’s Premium Sport Touring Multistrada. High comfort, rich  equipment and exclusive livery are the points of strength. The engine is  a 1262 cc Testastretta DVT with 159 HP power, manageable through 4  Riding Mode and a QUICK SHIFT gearbox that allows you to forget the  clutch. On the road the bike is supported by a (inertial) control of  driving, traction and suspension. There is no lack of Cruise Control.
The luggage finds space in the two 50 liters side cases, supplied as  standard. The equipment also includes the center stand, heated grips,  additional LED spotlights, tire pressure sensor, bike start and fuel cap  opening without keys.
Connectivity and communication are served by a Bluetooth module and Ducati Multimedia Service through a 5-inch color display.
There is also a rich optional accessories catalog to make this bike even more exclusive… and expensive.
Tank capacity: 20 liters; dry weight 215 kg.

Benelli Gt 1200

Undeclared price
Currently presented in China (to be precise at the Chongqing trade  fair), this new Benelli maxi touring motorcycle is powered by a 1,209 cc  in-line 3-cylinder engine (almost a medium displacement in this  context) with 134 HP and is inspired by the European touring style, in  particular the German one. The maximum speed indicated is 220 km/h.
From the picture you can see the remarkable frontal protection and the  presence of three luggages (standard also the rear case) and a super  comfortable double seat… but the list of equipment is quite long: Full  Led lights, adaptable headlights, heated grips and seat, electrically  adjustable windscreen and rearview mirrors, Cruise Control, sensors on  tires, front and rear cameras for driving assistance. Also complete the  “infotainment” section, with instrumentation that also includes a TFT  display and audio system.
The publishing industry indicates it as a model intended, for the  moment, exclusively for the Asian market, but export to the Old  Continent is not excluded, with the necessary changes to fall within the  European parameters of Euro 5.

Yamaha Fjr1300as Ultimate Edition

Price from 20.999 Euro
The latest version of this Japanese gran turismo, which stylistically  leaves one speechless in the Midnight Black color version with premium  black and gold finishes.
The bike is powered by a 1,298 cc engine and is equipped with advanced  electronic support systems for driving in all conditions, including  clutchless transmission and suspension.
The comfort is very well cared for and supported by a high windscreen,  wind deflectors and the possibility to precisely adjust the riding  position by acting on the handlebars and seat.
The lighting system includes front and rear LEDs, and on the light points that follow the curve.
The side cases are standard, the trunk is instead one of the optional accessories, of which the catalog is quite rich.
The instrumentation is complete and distributed on three different  sections that combine LCD segment display and analog tachometer.
25 liters tank, length 2.230 mm, width 750 mm. Weight in running order 296 kg.


Price from 26.890 Euro
Kawasaki is the only sport tourer approved to touch the 300 km/h… with suitcases mounted!
This model further increases the possibility to travel emotionally  compared to the previous version thanks to the introduction of  electronic suspension and several up-grades.
To push it is a 998 cc in-line 4 cylinder engine “compressed”, capable  of releasing 200 hp under the seat. Important the implementation of  driving support systems such as KIBS + K-ACT ABS (intelligent) braking,  traction control, assisted clutch, Cruise Control and more.
In this equipment are offered as standard the set of 28 liters suitcases  in matching color + set of removable inner bags, side sliders and GPS  bracket. In addition, the steering lock deactivation and vehicle  activation by holding the key in your pocket thanks to the centralized  KIPASS system, tire pressure sensors, the adjustment of the driving  attitude by combining the adjustments of handlebars, footrests and  saddle, and even central stand, increased windshield, heated grips,  Cornering lights for additional lighting when cornering through LED  lights integrated on both sides of the hull. The dashboard also houses a  TFT display that informs you about everything.
Fuel tank capacity 19 liters, weight in running order 256 kg, length 2,135 mm, width 775 mm. Five colors available.