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So many new 2022 models were introduced at EICMA that we have decided to split this dossier into two parts.

We start with the small and mid-sized engines (from 125 to 800 cc),  while the second “episode”, dedicated to the kings of long distances,  the maxi-enduro and gran turismo bikes over 1,000 cc, will be published  on the portal soon.

The Small and Mid-sized

APRILIA Tuareg 660

The latest model to be added to the Aprilia 660 platform.  Multi-purpose, as the manufacturer calls it, the Tuareg promises riding  enjoyment on and off-road, whether seated or standing, and is truly  ready for adventure. This, thanks to a meticulous setting that involves  the suspension and the stiffness of the brand-new composite frame. Its  twin engine offers more drive at low and medium revs. The tank holds 18  litres of fuel. This new enduro road bike is available in three colours.

BENELLI TRK800 Adventure

The Italian-Chinese brand is riding a wave and heads into the new  year with an ace up its sleeve — a new “tourer” with everything it needs  to find its place in the sun. Comfortable, protective and technically  equipped, the TRK800 takes on the style of the 502 but further elevates  its adventurous vocation, thanks also to the performance guaranteed by  the 754 cc parallel twin. Standout elements include the adjustable  Marzocchi fork and rear shock, the 19” front wheel, the double LED  headlight, the aggressive front mudguard and the 7” TFT dashboard  display.

CF MOTO 800MT and 700 CL-X ADV

A fixed presence  at EICMA with its ATVs, CF MOTO used the latest  edition to introduce a  “two-wheel” range to the public for the first  time. We would like to  talk about two new products, starting with the  800MT, the touring  model, powered by a 799 cc twin (that of the KTM 790)  and complete with  a 19” front wheel, spoked rims and an impressive  electronics package  (that includes accelerator and cornering traction  control). Let’s not  forget about the 7” TFT display. Heated handlebars  and tyre pressure  sensors are also standard features of the touring  model. The other  motorcycle displayed at the booth, for which we don’t  yet have official  images, is the 700 CL-X ADV, a model designed for  road/off-road  touring and powered by a Kawasaki-derived engine. It comes  complete  with a high handlebar and mudguard, a very comfortable seat,  spoked  wheels, knobby tyres, a transparent top fairing, side bags, LED  lights  and a digital dashboard.

FANTIC Caballero 500 Explorer

The  elegant new version of this scrambler is still perfect on the  dirt,  but compared to the 500 Rally, it has a real touring attitude. The   slightly vintage look is pleasing and quite obvious here, as are the   attention to detail and the paint job. Note the handlebar with chest   protection, the long-travel suspension, with adjustable compression and   pre-load, the aluminium steering plates, the bronze/white fuel tank,  the  grilles on the radiator and headlight, the mudguard and the high   exhausts. It has Michelin Anakee Wild knobby tyres. The soft bags and   rack come as standard, and the seat height doesn’t lie at 860 mm.

KAWASAKI Versys 650

This crossover has a new look,gaining more contemporary lines and  more technology with the 2022 model. In other words, the mid-sized  Versys moves ever closer to its 1000 cc counterpart. It features updated  radiator ducts, an adjustable four-position windscreen, LED lights and  an engine now equipped with KTRC traction control. The instrumentation  benefits from a 4.3” colour TFT display. Its long-distance vocation is  also confirmed with a fuel tank capacity of 21 litres.

KL Raticosa 500X

The brand grabbed the attention of the public and press alike with a  mid-sized adventure bike that is well-appointed and complete (a trend  that is set to continue? Perhaps big engines and 100 or more horsepower  are not so important when it comes to touring.) and flaunts a look that  tells of the balance between weight and performance. Complete with 19”  and 17” wheels, spoked rims and slightly knobby tyres. The long travel  (Kayaba) suspension and brakes (three discs with petal profile) also  make an impact. It is powered by the tried and tested 471 cc parallel  twin that delivers 48 hp and works according to two Power Modes. Also of  note are its full LED lights and multi-function LCD display. Standard  equipment includes the engine guard, hand guards, centre stand and light  alloy sump guard.
Its name pays tribute to a mountain pass between Bologna and Florence.

KTM 390 Adventure

The look is similar to that of its bigger siblings, but with the 2022  version of this much-loved model, the manufacturer can count on  technical and aesthetic expedients that don’t distort and ensure it  remains top of the list for those seeking a small/medium-sized engine  suitable for touring. A new electronics feature (two Riding Modes) means  that the traction control keeps track of the lean angle during off-road  riding. The wheels have cast aluminium five-spoke split rims. The  engine and suspension remain unchanged, while the tank holds 14.5 litres  of fuel, for a range of almost 400 km.


Two scooters also earned a place in this line-up, and the first is  the 2022 Sport Touring version of the AK550. The ST is aimed at peoples  who want to reach distant destinations in maximum comfort and without  compromising when it comes to sports riding. It shares an engine and  chassis with the AK550 but offers a more protective livery, with a large  shield and windscreen. The digital instrumentation is also new, as is  the belt used for the final drive, which is now quieter. Also worth a  mention is the ETS accelerator that now manages the TCS too. After  climbing aboard this new Kymco version, the rider sets off by pressing  the smart key and can even take advantage of cruise control while  travelling.

MOTRON X-Nord 400

In 2022, the small/medium-sized engine segment also gains this enduro  touring bike produced by the revived Motron, a KRS group brand. Full  technical details of this crossover concept, currently in the  homologation phase, are not yet available. Its trellis frame, USD fork,  wheels for road and light off-road use, and comfortable seat all make an  impact. The engine is a liquid-cooled 43 hp twin.

RIEJU Aventura 125

The Spanish manufacturer now offers a 125 cc trail bike that is  perfect for 16-year-olds, combining everyday use with clear touring  attitude. Complete with a liquid-cooled 15 hp single-cylinder engine,  six-speed gearbox, USD fork, knobby tyres, LED lights and a three-disc  braking system. Perfect for those first out-of-town trips and easy to  ride, it stands out for its front end with double vertical headlight.  Standard equipment includes a rack, top fairing, hand guards and sump  guard.


The second “adventure scooter” on our list. Its profile is just one  of the details that highlight its vocation, reminiscent of the Honda  X-ADV, the category’s flagship model. And then there are technical  elements like the raised handlebar, enduro-style and plastic-free, the  side-mounted rear single shock, the 13” wheels with slightly knobby  tyres, excellent fuel tank capacity (15 litres) and significant room  under the seat. Its “large” dimensions jar a little with its 150 cc  engine and 14.7 hp. The new anti-lift (A.L.E.H.) system is interesting  and makes the vehicle more stable. Its colour TFT display and LED light  set are also a source of pride.

VOGE 300 GY Rally

The premium brand from Chinese giant Loncin introduced this enduro  road bike at the Milan exhibition, its characteristics making it ideal  for “mixed” trips with challenging sections. Its 21” and 18” wheels with  spoked rims and knobby tyres only confirm this. The USD fork and rear  shock (mounted on an oscillating aluminium swing-arm) help to maintain a  ground clearance of 280 mm. This VOGE comes complete with LED lights, a  digital display, windscreen and engine guard. Its dry weight comes in  at under 140 kg, while the 292 cc engine delivers 29 hp and is equipped  with Bosch electronic injection.

YAMAHA Ténéré 700 Rally Edition

A tribute to the motorcycle that made Rally Raids accessible and  boosted our desire to explore the world on two wheels. Following the  2019 update, which led to the best-selling 700, Yamaha is now playing  with the colour range and introducing the Rally Edition, an iconic  version that highlights its history (now 40 years old, something to  which few motorcycles can aspire) with its Heritage White livery, red  Speed Block graphics, two-colour seat and gold coloured rims! The  standard equipment includes a number of original accessories, including  the tailpipe, designed for Yamaha by Akrapovic.