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The Milan Motor Show  2017 introduced a wide variety of new models to the world of valiant  motorcycle riders, with unseen cylinders and targeted upgrades. 

Maxi-Enduro, Tourer, Scrambler, Crossover… A  positive sign, which has further raised the public’s interest in  two-wheeled adventures and will serve to strengthen motorcycle sales,  particularly in the area of road/off-road touring models.


The unreleased F750GS and F850GS crossovers share the same technical  base and have a steel structure with a perimeter frame and compared to  those still on sale, they have a different, fully revised engine capable  of producing 77 and 95CV respectively. The 15ltr capacity fuel tank is  located precisely where you would expect to find it…..and it is not  beneath the saddle. The two new BMW models are both abundant in  equipment including LED lights and interactive instrumentation; the  smallest being equipped with 19” and 17” wheels, the 850 with its radial  spokes and 21” front tyre, is more suited to dirt tracks and the Rallye  variant is also the layout for the new R1200GS Adventure.


The Multistrada 1260 crossover updates the range by offering a DVT  engine with 1,262CC and almost 160CV. However, new technical  developments have been applied to the chassis with geometric and  electronic changes and now it is even more sophisticated with uphill  assistance also being included. Ducati presents this model in four  different variants: Standard, S, Pikes Peak and S D-Air.
Equipped with all the right accessories, the new Scrambler 1100, the  third variant of this auspicious model, perfectly suits long journeys.  The list of riders who have already travelled around the world with a  motorcycle belonging to the Multistrada family is extensive. The 1200 is  recognised by its double high discharge and its increased suspension  and brakes.


The Caballero 500, in the version of a Scrambler, has the potential to  become an “adventurous” two-wheeled machine and universal accessories  are available to set it up perfectly for travelling. The motorcycle  incorporates a 43HP / 449CC mono, beautiful twisted wheels, 19″ and 17″  spoked wheels and an overturned fork. It weighs just 145kg and it will  be arriving in 2018.


The Africa Twin arrives in the Adventure Sports category and with its  24-litre fuel tank it can exceed 500km. With adjustable suspension that  has increased ground clearance, the new Africa Twin is available with  either a DCT or standard gearbox. The driving position lends itself to  being more “off-road”.


The H2 SX is the brand new, powerful sports tourer which is also  available in the more popular SE version. It has a 4-cylinder 998CC  in-line engine and easily exceeds 200HP. To make the motorcycle  comfortable during touring, there is ad-hoc mapping. The fuel tank has a  capacity of 19 litres (providing over 330km of travel) and the driving  position is more erect than the Ninja Sportsman, which creates a larger  pocket of air for a more comfortable ride.
There have been no technical upgrades to the 1000 and 650 versions of  the Versys, which are scheduled to be arriving in the New Year with  brand new colours.


We eagerly anticipate seeing the KTM 790 Adventure hitting the streets.  At the moment, everything is pending and as far as the prototype is  concerned, with its beautiful aesthetic lines that replicate the Dakar  motorcycle and marks its Enduro vocation, its studded tyres and 21”  front wheel… it provides a multitude of opportunities for riders  interested in traveling safely both on and off road. Developed on the  basis of the DUKE 790, it should “see the light” somewhere between the  end of 2018 and Spring 2019.


Sometimes things make a come-back and in this instance we are talking  about the sidecar, which was once popular thanks to its ability to  travel by motorcycle … in threes. It was great to see it featured at the  French MASH stand. Called Family SIDE it is powered by a 400CC engine.  It is well appointed and can be driven with an A2 licence. It is  undoubtedly a super niche model … but nevertheless we decided to include  it in this review.

Moto Morini

A new version of the Scrambler 1200, which has been heavily revisited  resulting in a new chassis, swing-arm and with 70’s style high  handlebars and studded wheels. The engine is the same twin-stroke V  Corsa that is being used in another model launched by Moto Morini, the  MY2018. With all the right accessories, this naked “all terrain” vehicle  could safely become a touring motorcycle.

Moto Guzzi

At the moment, it is only a concept but the GUZZI V85, with its  fascinating lines that are reminiscent of the 80’s, is exactly the  crossover for long journeys that we have been seeking. We would love to  see this model introduced to the range but we will have to wait for its  first production run which is not due until 2018. It is worth noting  that the motorcycle and its trim are suitable for all terrains. The  latest 90-degree V engine (850CC and 80HP power) and the beautiful red  frame add a pleasing retro feel.


Well presented within the brand stand, was the Superdual touring  motorcycle, which was introduced prior to the Milan show and as a result  it is already on sale. The motorcycle is a multi-purpose crossover (600  CC) with an Enduro front chassis, 19″ and 17″ wheels. Also available is  the “X” version with 21″ and 18″ wheels.


We recall the two editions of the new V-Strom: 1000 ABS / XT ABS and 650  ABS / XT ABS. These models are not completely new, as they were  launched onto the market during 2017, but their touring vocation and  ease of riding certainly deserve a mention. They definitely form part of  the on road / off road collection of models that are worthy of  attention.


The Tiger 800 XCx / XCa, XR / XRx / XRt is the range of five “English  tigers” where every model is suited to two-wheeled adventure. Starting  at 800 CC the entire range has been completely revised. The XCx / XCa  torque offers ant. 21″ on the wheels and a more responsive 3-cylinder  engine with new gear ratios. The braking system has also been updated,  along with the cruise control, riding position and the cockpit. The XCa  version is ideal for long journeys, incorporating an extra mode for  off-road riding and a good number of standard accessories.
The trio made up of the XR / XRx / XRt, with spoked wheels and ant.  from 19” is recommended for those who enjoy “comfortable” road trips.  The first is the least expensive of the range whilst still offering ABS,  traction control, immobiliser and onboard computer. The XRX is the  intermediate model, while the XRx is the top of the range with  adjustable suspension, heated saddle, five driving modes … and countless  other features.
Even the two families / four versions of the Tiger 1200 have  undergone an upgrade that involved over 100 modifications. All four 1200  tourers have 19″ and 17″ wheels, a 141HP, 3-cylinder engine with cardan  transmission. The top of the range is the XCa. The standard model has  the assisted gear that avoids the use of the clutch, hill hold function,  adaptive headlight and titanium discharge. The XRt and XR are  comfortable on asphalt, are equipped with racing wheels and a range of  classic technical features. Between the two models, the XRt is the  richest in terms of features and equipment.


Le crossover Tracer 900 e 900 GT. Più che altro presentano un restyling  estetico ad hoc, per migliorare comfort e forme (vedi maniglione,  parafango posteriore, manubrio sella, pedane e altri particolari in  plastica) e interventi alla ciclistica che hanno toccato l’allungamento  del forcellone e le sospensioni. A EICMA Yamaha le ha affiancato la  versione GT, superaccessoriata per affrontare al meglio i viaggi  stradali verso mete lontane (tre mappature, controllo trazione, cambio  senza frizione, sospensioni super regolabili, strumentazione TFT  dedicata, ecc).
Ténéré 700 World Raid non è ancora pronta per il mercato ma è vicina  alla versione definitiva. Compatta e configurata per la guida sul misto,  propone performance maggiori rispetto alla MT-07 dalla quale eredita il  bicilindrico. Grande la capacità del serbatoio, senza renderlo  ingombrante.
Presentata a EICMA anche la Super Ténéré Raid Edition, nuova versione  della maxienduro di Yamaha, equipaggiata di serie per i grandi raid.

Maxi Tourer: Traveling with Comfort in the Cockpit…

Honda Goldwing Gl1800

The new 6-cylinder engine enables the rider to travel around the  world…whilst sitting in an armchair. Thanks to the aluminium frame, it  is almost 50Kg lighter than the previous edition. It has all the  electronic controls synonymous with the Goldwing and it is also equipped  with reverse gear. The Tour version is also available with an airbag  and as a DCT version.

BMW K1600 Grand America

This model takes after the style of European vehicles. A 6-cylinder  engine, 1649CC / 160CV with electronics used in the car industry  including electronic reverse. It boasts amazing load-carrying capacity  and optimum aerodynamic protection.