Smartphone Apps That Make the Life of a Touring Rider

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For nearly a century, we have been exploring the world by  motorcycle, yet it wasn’t that long ago that we were doing so without  paper maps (often they weren’t available for certain tracks).

Today’s  technology does help; in fact it is now absolutely essential. The  smart-phone, from its simple mobile-phone origins, has become an  essential aid in so many areas of our lives.
Here’s a selection of apps  for the fans of the two wheels.



Only the most recent applications are dedicated to Globetrotter, and  even fewer are specifically designed to meet the needs of bikers.
Some are listed below. Main article: use the links listed for each. To  complete the picture, further proposals related to maintenance, to aid  in the preparation of luggage.
This area is very extensive and therefore we would ask that you  actively participate in order to help us to update it, indicate new  entries, report any errors etc…

WeRide (free download)

Connect with your biker friends. Allows you to share routes,  experiences, pictures, create groups, use instant messaging. Nine  languages available. 3.3 out of 5.

OruxMaps (basic version – free; “Donate” version – 3.09 Euros)

A great tracker “Made in Spain”. Allows you to load maps offline and  supports multiple formats. It is not easy to use but you will learn.  Share the paths and texts . It does not contain advertising
4.7 stars out of 5.

WAZE (free download)

A GPS with its own community that reports accidents, traffic conditions,  road-works, police, fuel economy along the way and more … in real time.  It uses an algorithm that computes optimum routes. Contains ads.  Additional benefit, there is an active community forum. Available in all  languages, including Kanarese.
Judged 4 out of 5 stars; some system bugs recently resolved.


Navigation system developed by the French Bike Season, capable of  tracking routes, monitors other routes, shares them, etc. The official  website has to plan your trip from your home or Office, using an  extensive database, which includes points of interest, including scenic  road sections, and even itineraries suggested by other fans, then passes  to the APP and uses the data traveling while off-line. Available  Languages (insert) The site  the download mode for both iOS and Android platforms but clicking on the  icons you never get anywhere (probably a momentary technical stand-by).  We downloaded from Similar Play.


A smartphone app, developed by renown Italian manufacturer of  Motorcycle accessories KAPPAMOTO, equipped with features that make it a  valuable support for the motorcycle traveller, offers four distinct  areas that allow you to find ad-hoc locations, add your own ones, read  travelogues, browse images, turn on radar which pinpoints nearby riders …  It is available on the APP Store and Google Play. 4.4 out of 5 stars.  Available languages: Italian, English.

Expensing Travel

There are several apps which enable you to collate and process daily expenses and add
notes. Some also allow you to simply scan receipts.
For example, SPLID (German, Free), for iOS and not long ago made  available for Android as well, allows you to download the balance sheet  and is available in 150 currencies. Speaks 5 languages, including  Italian. 5 stars out of 5. Also try SPLITWISE (calculates shared  expenses) including travel costs, 4.2 out of 5, able to add up costs,  create reports, convert your currency, scan receipts, etc. Contains ads:  we recommend downloading the free version (1.09 euros). Among the  languages also Italian. – –

MOTOWAY (free)

Consult and start an itinerary (including off-road). Create one and  register it. Consult the list of events bike share within the community,  download GPX file. Available for Apple and Android.
4.4 out of 5 stars. More on:

FAI DA TE MOTO (2,29 euro)

42 step by step tutorial to set up DIY mechanics: tips, tricks, and  remedies. Languages: Russian, Italian, English. The information is  generic but helps you to understand how to carry out maintenance with  the right tools, etc. Developer: typing App aimed at specific models or  motorcycle rentals S.R.L. are not lacking. For example, the new app “BMW  motorcycle parts and diagrams” (dozens of available languages), with  replacement parts list for each model, diagrams, schematics, etc. And  yet, available on both platforms, “Moto” (2.79 euros for Android, iOS  3.99 euro), in English, with database designed for motorcycle models  (even more models if you have them), with customized profiles … hard to  tell it in words. More info here:

Assistente soccorso stradale (free)

Born for the car but it applies well to the bike. Useful application in the event of a dead stop or accident:
activates the identified emergency request depending on your location.
Allows you to enter data in the event of a claim, provides all useful  phone numbers relevant to your location. The App has 4.1 stars out of 5,  was developed in 2014 and is available for Android and iOS but could do  with an update to support the most recent operating systems. Only  Italian.

SOSmart crash car notification (free)

Developed by a Chilean student. It also works for a bike. Only two platforms in English and Spanish. Scores 4.5 stars out of 5.
Very helpful in case of emergency.
Automatically detects an impact and can provide notification of the  location of the crash to previously stored emergency contacts.
Panic button that sends emergency request and location. Provides a list of local hospitals.

Gas Buddy (free)

Helps you find the most competitively priced petrol station. It is  constantly updated. Filters results according to price, location, brand  and presence of provider (wash, restaurant …). 4.6 stars out of 5. The  developer is the App works perfectly in the USA, Canada and Australia.
Available on iOS and Android.

REVER: Motorcycle Routes & GPS (free)

Navigation app developed in the USA.
Works even when off-line. The GPS receiver will always remain visible as a small blue point on the smartphone screen.
The system accepts gpx or kml file and can also record the tracks  off-line. Creates statistics related to time, distance, average speed,  elevation profiles, save photos, allows you to create your own community  and upload maps to use off-line.
The APP works in every country in the world. There is a Premium version  ($ 5.99/month or $59.99/year) with additional tools available. Available  on both platforms for download. Totals 4.6 stars out of 5. Weighs 119.5  Mb. Six languages are available, including Italian.
We talked about it here: link

Scenic Motorcycle Touring (free)

Navigation, planning, tracking. Weighs 169 Mb and can be made more  sophisticated by purchasing the Premium version (differentiated rates,  see official website). 5 languages but not Italian (English, Dutch,  French, German, Spanish). The data provided about: 21,793 scenic routes,  109,000 users, 6.6 million kilometers. Currently is only available on  Apple store. 4.6 stars out of 5.
Scenic allows you to select a location and navigate scenic drives,  create a route with up to 200 selection points, import routes in  different ways and from different sources (other integration). This app  is a valid alternative to the classic GPS for motorcycles (including the  contents that appear on the screen) and finally track the routes in  real time, to share with other users and on social networks.

First aid (free)

Really useful official American Red Cross app. Only available in English  and Spanish for iOS and Android. There are also versions by the Red  Cross in other Nations. Accidents happen. This app helps to improve  first aid knowledge with interactive quizzes and advice step-by-step,  clear tabs, videos and animations. Preloaded content you have instant  access, even without an internet connection.
The application is free of advertising and spam. 4.5 stars out of 5.