Adventure World: Ktm 790 Adventure R – Yamaha Ténéré 700 World Raid

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Two queens await the throne! Destined for adventure! Skyrocketing enthusiasm! Next generation! More than just standard!

For many years, the Adventure sector of the market has been divided  into two significant worlds: on one hand, machines with lightweight  single-cylinder engines, such as the KTM 690R or the Yamaha XT 660Z  Ténéré, on the other hand, there are “big” bikes such as the BMW R1200  GS, the KTM 1990 and 1290 and the Triumph Explorer 1200. Two years ago,  the Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin was added to the list of “big” bikes.  Yet, somehow, motorcycle enthusiasts were continually forced into making  a radical decision, to choose either a single-cylinder, which is light  and agile off-road, but falls short when it comes to long trips on  asphalt, or a large two-cylinder, with huge engine power and comfort for  the motorway, but awkward and difficult to handle off-road. The only  choices available in the “middle ground” were the BMW F800GS and the  three-cylinder Triumph Tiger 800. Beautiful, but expensive, and not  exactly light and easy to manoeuvre. Things began to change when initial  rumours began to spread about the imminent launch of a twin cylinder  KTM with mid-level engine capacity, followed almost immediately by the  news of the upcoming arrival of the new Yamaha Ténéré, another twin  cylinder with mid-level engine capacity.
Then suddenly, after countless sightings and several photoshopped  drawings on social media, the two prototypes finally appeared during  EICMA 2017, the prestigious annual motorcycle show held in Milan. Almost  immediately, the two prototypes were hot gossip, creating a frenzy  amongst enthusiasts who have a passion for adventures on two-wheels.  When will KTM and YAMAHA make theses motorcycles part of their standard  production? Motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide were hoping to be able to  try them at dealers within a few months, and signs from the industry  press were being monitored constantly. Enthusiasm and anticipation was  certainly clear.

Ktm 790 Adventure R

Driven by the powerful LC8c twin cylinder engine also used in the new  790 Duke, a “new born” model designed for lean on/off use. According to  KTM, the image created is that of a light and compact mid-range travel  Enduro, with a developed cross-country capacity. The prototype of the  KTM 790 ADVENTURE R fully embraces a “rally” philosophy and this is  evident by its overall features: a high dashboard and low-slung tank,  the shape of the seat and its sturdy steel-tube support, spoked wheels –  21″ front and 18″ rear – studded tyres and the entirely adjustable,  “long” WP suspension.
When introduced at EICMA, Hans Trunkenpolz from KTM stated: “We  aimed to design the most performance-focused mid-weight travel Enduro of  its class, with the dynamism of machines with a much larger engine, […]  but with a higher power-to-weight ratio. Once the prototype of the KTM  790 ADVENTURE enters the product range, it will help maintain our market  position in the dirt bike sector.”
During its test phase, a lucky few were able to take a peek at the  bike, including the monthly magazine, IN SELLA, which has speculated on  the possibility that the KTM will be officially launched earlier than  planned at Mattinghofen this summer. This model can be positioned  between the 690 and the larger twin cylinder Adventure motorcycles.

YAMAHA Ténéré 700 World Raid

In the world of Adventure motorcycles, a special spirit lingers  around motorcycles that have names linked to the desert. The new  mid-weight Ténéré will soon become part of this great family of  motorcycles. Admired as a prototype at EICMA and currently the star of  the incredible World Raid Tour, along with the older XT120ZE Super  Ténéré Raid Edition (the famous Maxi-Enduro version kitted-out for  explorations of “unlimited mileage”).
One thing to remember is that Yamaha actually began its special  relationship with the adventure world in the 1970’s, developing models  based on motorcycles that won the legendary Paris-Dakar, such as the  XT600Z Ténéré, on which many motorcycle enthusiasts have explored the  world. Later on came the XTZ750 Super Ténéré and XTZ 660 Ténéré models,  universally used by long distance riders because of their performance,  durability, and reliability. This spirit is now reborn with the “700”,  introduced a year ago as the “concept T7”, then subsequently presented  at EICMA. Those who were able to test it were impressed by its torque  and its agility, the result of a light compact frame. The video that  shows the motorcycle in action (click on the link at the end of the  text) speaks for itself. The prototype seen at EICMA closely defines the  specifications of the production model that we should soon be able to  find on the market. Its compact 689cc CP2 engine, based on the engine  that drives the MT-07, delivers manageable and easy-to-control power in a  wide range. An ideal condition for both “on” and “off road” riding. The  prototype also adopts a dedicated rally-style Akrapovič exhaust, which  reinforces its off-road look, while emitting a deep, powerful sound. In  order to achieve an improved ride, the steel frame has been redesigned  and improved in key areas. The chassis incorporates an essential  inverted fork and a rear shock absorber, providing excellent performance  in all conditions. The fuel tank has been developed to provide  substantial autonomy between refueling while, at the same time, offering  excellent ergonomics that contribute to reducing its weight. The side  panels, front fender, and one-piece tail are carbon fiber, while the  cowl is equipped with a Dakar Rally-inspired four projector headlight  assembly. The dashboard is designed to allow the rider to mount  additional GPS equipment. Inspired by the high level of interest  generated in recent months, Yamaha will be taking the Ténéré 700 World  Raid prototype on a challenging around-the-world trip that will last for  most of 2018.
New Video Hold 700 World Raid Edition Prototype: