Get the Weather on Your Side When Travelling by Motorcycle!

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Sites and Apps for Weather Forecasts

Before embarking on a motorcycle road trip, there are a lot of  factors to consider: from getting equipped to staying safe, and from the  itinerary to language issues. But of all these, weather concerns  undoubtedly take centre-stage.

Fortunately, technology has come to our aid with websites and smartphone  Apps that can provide accurate weather forecasts in real time, alert  you if a storm or cyclone warning is issued, and much more. 

Weather conditions vary enormously over the course of the year,  particularly in certain parts of the world. Being caught unawares by  sudden changes can completely ruin a long-anticipated and carefully  planned motorcycle trip, but luckily a wide variety of websites and  applications are available to help avoid this: the following are a few  examples.

Do you love to travel when the weather’s just right? Would you like  to find out the ideal destinations to visit at any given time of year? is the website for you. It reveals the months of the year during which  each country is at its best in terms of the weather, in two main  sections: “Dove vuoi andare” (Where do you want to go?) and “Quando vuoi partire” (When do you want to go?).

This means that if you already have a destination in mind, you can  use the site to determine the best time to go there; otherwise, you can  seek inspiration based on the period you want to travel in (for example,  during the summer holidays). There is even a “Speciali” section, which  gathers together special articles on travel and interesting facts.

This website is remarkable for its detail: with customisable settings,  it can provide a wide range of information on current and future weather  conditions all over the world. The homepage consists of a map which  allows you to move around and select from a variety of options,  indicated to the left of the screen, to reveal weather conditions in  terms of the selected parameter (temperature, pressure, storms, wind, pollution, cloud cover, and much more).  Alternatively, you can simply type a specific location into the search  bar. At the bottom, it is possible to select the day and time for which  you want to view the weather forecast.

Highway Weather

Designed to monitor weather conditions before and during a road trip, this App – available on the App Store and Google Play – indicates the weather forecast for the entirety of a given route, including temperature, wind speed and precipitation.

Moreover, the application recommends the best time to set out based on the weather.


Available in over 100 languages and used by more than one and a half  billion people all over the world, this App boasts its hallmark trait in  its very name: the accuracy of its weather forecasts.

Changes in the weather can be viewed on an hourly or daily basis,  while the “radar” section provides a map of the world on which a variety  of data can be seen, including severe weather areas, gales, cloud cover, rainfall and much more.