Track Your Motorcycle Adventure with Whip Live!

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Developed in Italy in 2016, with enhancements over time to make  it even more reliable and accurate, WHIP LIVE is a smartphone and tablet  application specially for those who love to explore the world on two  wheels, whether that means cycling or by motorbike.

This software can be used to plan both on- and off-road routes or  discover new ones, monitor your performances, report an emergency, and  much more besides: making it an excellent ally for many outdoor  activities.

We will soon be able to get back to planning excursions, with weekends in the great outdoors a likely starting point for many.
Fans of two-wheeled vehicles — whether motorcycles, scooters,  traditional bicycles or e-bikes — are always on the look-out for new  routes to try, with an emphasis on scenic roads offering full immersion  in nature and a sense of pure adventure.
Technology can really help with this: there are lots of websites and APPs dedicated to outdoor enthusiasts.
One of the best-structured of these, and one of the most highly rated by users, is WHIP LIVE.
Free to download from Google Play and the App Store (with the option  of upgrading to the Plus version), this Italian-designed App lets users  plan routes for motorcycles and bicycles, as well as for trekking and  running.
To date, thanks to the 60,000 points of interest registered in the  application, it has been used to create around 50,000 routes and track  almost 4 million kilometres covered by its users!

What Features Does Whip Live Offer?

Once you’ve selected the right type of two-wheeled vehicle for you  from the many on offer, you can access a wide range of features divided  into different sections, each represented by an icon at the bottom of  the app’s homepage. Here are some of the most interesting features:

ROUTE PLANNER – In the “Routes” section, you can  create your own “tailor-made” route thanks to the 60,000 points of  interest registered in the software, by inserting your starting point,  destination, and any waypoints in between.

TURN-BY-TURN NAVIGATION – this feature, which is  safe and convenient to use while riding, provides turn-by-turn vocal  directions along your saved routes (including a maximum of 4 waypoints),  whether on- or off-road.

EXPLORE – browse over 200,000 crowd-sourced routes, categorised by type and difficulty level, which you can share or save.

LIVE TRACKING – this function in the “Activities” section allows you to monitor and analyse your activities and movements in real time.

EMERGENCY CONTACT DETAILS AND TRACKING – you can use  your Profile area to save the contact details of the people you wish to  share your position with, or who you would like to be contacted in the  event of an emergency. Moreover, by selecting the red “Record” button in  the centre and activating the “LIVE” function, you can share a link  with one or more trusted contacts so they can follow your movements all  along your route.

COMMUNITY AND SEGMENT LEADERBOARDS – the “Routes” section also allows you to select stretches of road, or “segments”, to challenge other app users!

SHARING – share your activities on social media and search for friends to follow.

EVENTS – a safety service offered to organisers of  outdoor events: just have all participants (up to a maximum of 5,000)  download the app so that their positions can be monitored in real time,  throughout the route, using a special online dashboard.

What Do You Get with Whip Live Plus?

The PLUS version, a paid app with a 30-day free  trial period (for the yearly subscription option), offers additional  features including the option to download maps for offline use, plan routes and use the turn-by-turn feature with no limit on waypoints, select different styles of maps and, finally, obtain real-time information on weather conditions.

In short, if you’re constantly looking for fresh inspiration, routes  and travel companions to share your trips with, and if you want to  travel safely while leaving nothing to chance, this version of the app  is the one for you!

Upgrading to WHIP LIVE PLUS costs €6.99 for a monthly pass, €5.49  per month for 6 months, and €4.49 per month for the annual  subscription.