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Anita Yusof Global Dream Ride

Travel Around the World Alone by Motorcycle

Great Venture
Great Venture

I have always dreamt of travelling around the World solo with my motorcycle. Whilst it was not that easy to realise my dream, I am certainly not the kind of person who simply dreams. I was determined to make it happen and I put all my strength and skills into turning my dream into reality. I involved a great many people and I secured sponsors; GIVI and the GIVI sister-brand HEVIK.
When it finally became apparent that I had made other people believe in my dream, I was then ready.
So before I knew it, the first day of my journey arrived; 13 September 2015!
You can follow me and my extraordinary adventure, the Global Dream Ride, alone on two wheels.

Around the world motorcycle trip itinerary

Around the world motorcycle trip itinerary
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The protagonist

Anita Yusof

The protagonist

Anita Yusof

Anita Yusof is a huge fan of motorcycle travel and she is not frightened to travel alone. Riding solo with her loyal FZ150i, she has explored hundreds of routes in 54 Countries.
A Mother of two grown up sons, Anita can now live her hobby full time. Her greatest challenge, which took a whole year, involved crossing 30 Countries over 3 Continents: America, Europe and Asia with the aim of reaching a noble objective: to earn an entry into the Malaysian Guinness World Records as the first woman to travel around the Globe solo by motorcycle.

Some more information about Anita
Anita is originally from Ipoh, Perak in Malaysia
Anita is currently studying for a PhD in Sports Science and is a lecturer in the Physical Education Department at IPG Campus Ipoh.
Anita’s hobbies include; backpacking, overlanding and all manner of outdoor activities. Her favourite music is rock and heavy metal from the 80’s and 90’s and her favourite book is “Anything” by Sidney Sheldon.