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Stage 28


Andorra, the 20th country for GDR

Great Venture
Great Venture

Today’s ride started with a very beautiful weather. I left Toulouse and headed to the border. There were lots of yellow canolla fields. I really enjoyed the beautiful view. There were side winds too so that I need to be careful.
Not far from the border, the road gets narrower and there are more trucks. The view was so beautiful with rivers and green fields, that I wished I could stay there for one night to enjoy the view.The sun hid behind the clouds as I entered Andorra, the 20th country for GDR. Soon after, ice rain started to fall and followed with snowfall when I was climbing up El Pass De La Casa. It was so cold with strong wind. The road became slippery. I was soooo scared as I was still on the mountain, riding on the winding road. I had to stop for shelter at a gas station and it took me 20 minutes to rub my hands to feel the warmth again.

After waiting and there was no sign that the weather will improve, I decided to continue riding. Descending on the wet, slippery and steep curve road was scarier than ever. I was reciting prayers all the time. Thank god I didn’t fall even though few times the tires skided when I couldn’t avoid snow which started to accumulate on the road. I cancelled my intention to play with snow at the ski resort due to the bad weather. I rode past the capital city, Andorra La Veila, and had to climb on a steep winding road for another 5kms to reach my hostel. The reason why I had to stay outside the capital city was because accommodation was very expensive here. I was shivering and soaked wet because I didn’t wear my Givi rain coat. My mistake. Anyway, I was very lucky to get a single heated private room at the hostel for EUR20. It rained the whole day and night, so I just stayed in my room.

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