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Usa: Zion National Park – Grand Canyon National Park

Zion National Park, Grand Canyon National Park

Great Venture
Great Venture

After saying good bye to Andrew and the Germany couple, I made my way to Grand Canyon National Park via Highway 9 – 89A – 64. I had to enter few tunnels which was cut into the mountains which offered really awesome view.
There were two ways to get to the South Rim of Grand Canyon. I wanted to take route 89, but my GPS kept directing me to route 89A, which cuts along Kaibab National Forest. The road was quite narrow and winding.

I met some motorcyclists along the way. The view was nice and I saw lots of deers. However, by taking this route, I missed Page (which was along route 89). By the time I entered Highway 64, Page was about 40kms behind, and I don’t want to return. I do regret this because I really want to visit Antelope Canyon and the tour starts at Page. Well, perhaps a good reason to return some other time, isn’t it?

Anita's Riding Tip:
Antelope Canyon, on Navajo land near Page in Arizona, is the most visited slot canyon in the western United States, created over millions of years by a rift flowing toward Lake Powell and through a sandstone formation. A wonder of nature, but can be prone to flash flooding.

After riding for 434kms, I arrived Grand Canyon National Park. Again, there were lots of people here. I was told that it was a long weekend for the locals as Colombus Day fall on Monday. No wonder.

I checked in at a camp ground, and was disappointed to see the camp site. It was not well kept and the ground was uneven. I pitched my tent and just rest after a long tiring ride. It was very cold in the night when temperature fall to 2’C. I couldn’t sleep at all, and had to seek shelter at the toilet which was heated. I slept on the bench inside the toilet.
The next day, I took the opportunity to explore the national park. Indeed, even though there were lots of canyons in US, Grand Canyon was the grandest among them all. Let the pics do the talking.

Anita's Riding Tip:
if you want to camp in the Grand Canyon National Park, don't forget a few precious precautions for your safety. 1) If you hear thunder from an approaching storm, immediately seek shelter, possibly near a large building. 2) Remember that there may be snakes, spiders, wasps and even bears in the forest, so take the appropriate precautions. 3) Maintain hydration in your body by drinking water from time to time, even if you are not thirsty. More tips can be found here:

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