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Stage 2

From Canada to Alaska

From Smithers to Hyder

Great Venture
Great Venture

After i resume my travel, i have to stop at the famous Meziadin Junction, when i take some photos. I’m so excited.. i’m going to Alaska!!

Anita's Riding Tip:
Meziadin Junction crosses the Highway 37 at 80 km in the North side of the Nass river. Here there is as well a working camp for those who work for the highway, the forests and so on. It really looks like a situation at the civilization limits with the north road who pass through hundreds of km of wild forest

Can you feel how faster am i chatting? Of corse: i’m driving between a natural freezer long 330 Km from Smithers to Hyder, in Alaska. And obviously there is no one behind or in front of me. For 150 km I’m totally alone on that road, but as I cross a turn suddenly she appears to me: a great bear who is crossing the road at 30meters from me! Gosh!!!! My knees paralyze theirselves. Thanks God i avoid the disaster, but that was so close!! 

After all I’ll remember this part of my travel for ever as one of the most beautiful ever done, filled with a lot of awesome colors like orange, yellow, brown, green from the great fall season.
The paved road left is really ruined and so i have to drive through a really rough asphalt. I take a quick break at the Salmon Glacier, but it’s really cold and there is no one nearby. The place is spectacular but the atmosphere is a bit disturbing so i decide to keep on moving to Stewart. I cross the Alaskan borders. I’m happy! Finally i put my foot down and even my wheels are spreading joy. I’m in Alaska!

Anita's Riding Tip:
Even if Hyder has a lighted main road, it’s a isolated city from the resto f Alaska, and its few residents (more or less 70 people) are totally indipendent from Stewart, that has instead a population of 700 people, and it’s exactly next to the canadian border. In Hyder you have to use the Canadian currency, and the time is set on the PST (not the AST).

The quiet Sunday of this little ghostly city is delicious. The sun is really hot, even if I’m in Alaska. I find a little field to set up a camp and I plant my tent. I meet the owners of a camper and i discovered that they were as well motorbikes riders and they offer me the dinner.

Anita's Riding Tip:
In this zone the temperature steps down drastically to -10° when arrives the sunset.

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