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Usa: Grand Canyon National Park – Las Vegas

Grand Canyon National Park, Las Vegas

Great Venture
Great Venture

In the morning, I said good bye to Martha, my ‘neighbour’ at the camp site who lend me her down sleeping bag last night. To my surprise, Martha gave me the sleeping bag, and wished that I will have warmer camping nights through out my journey. I was so touched with her kindness.

I made my way via Highway 64, and later I-S-40. Unlike the other inter-state freeways, I-S-40 was not as chaotic. I felt at ease riding on this highway. Then, I turned right to Highway 93, heading to Las Vegas. I arrived my hosts house after riding 500kms from Grand Canyon National Park.

My host, sis Joyah Vegas, was a Malaysian. She was a well known Malaysian here and this kind hearted lady always host Malaysian people who came to Vegas. She had a nice big house with swimming pool.
That night, she cooked curry chicken for dinner, and I couldn’t help tears because it was soooo delicious, and especially that I had not taste chicken curry for 1 month since I left Malaysia.
I stayed 3 nights at her house and while I’m there, another 2 Malaysian guys came to stay here too. We took the opportunity to visit Vegas most famous casinos at “The Strip”.

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