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Stage 35

Montenegro and Albania

Montenegro, Albania

Great Venture
Great Venture

The border crossing at Deleusa was very fast and easy too. The procedure was just the same as when entering Bosnia.
GIVI Explorer - Montenegro-AlbaniaMontenegro was a very beautiful country. Green mountains, lovely twisties and nearing to the capital city, Kotor, the beautiful bay welcomed you with amazing views. It was so hard for me to focus on the road as I kept looking at the bay down below.It wasn’t hard to locate my hostel which was situated right next to the bay. I could enjoy the beautiful view from my room window.I was supposed to meet Msian adv-rider friends but it was only before sunset that they arrived at my hostel. It was soooo nice to meet Faizal Sukree again, after the last time I met him in Madrid. This time, he came with Musa and Musa’s wife. They were doing a Europe and Balkan ride together. We walked to the old city and had dinner together. We exchanged route infos as I had come from Croatia (north) and they had come from Albania (south). Thanks guys for meeting me and buying me dinner.

It was a very wet day as I made my way out of Kotor Bay. The road was very slippery and many times I felt GD’s tires skidding. I had to ride with lots of caution. I did two crossings today. The first border was at Sukobin to enter Albania. This border was located in the mountain. I didn’t have to pay to bring GD in. Faizal Sukree had warned me that there were plenty of road blocks when he rode in Albania. I didn’t want to get into trouble if the police stopped me so I purchased Albanian insurance for EUR13. GIVI Explorer - Montenegro-Albania
The ride became more stressful due to heavy rain all day since early morning. The narrow mountain road was so slippery. About 30kms to Tirana the road was quite bad with pot holes and the driving attitude was crazy. I felt as if I was entering El Alto, Bolivia. After I exited Tirana, it was again narrow, winding and slippery all the way to the Macedonian border (again in the mountains) with thick fog blocking the view.

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