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Stage 3

From Alaska to Canada

Hyder, Smithers, Prince George, Dawson Creek

Great Venture
Great Venture

I’m not sleeping very well this night, not because of the cold weather, but because of the fear of bears. Fortunately I fall asleep at midnight and nothing goes wrong.Don’t act as i do. I forgot totally to coock my meals at least at 80meters from my tent! This made me so scared, because bears could have sniffed the food smell from a long distance. Another useful tip: don’t wear the same cloth you had when you had your dinner, because that can be sniffed as well!I pass a great day riding, and around noon i cross the border. I have to mark my passport before crossing Stewart, in Canada. I take a break again at the icy Salmon and at the river Bear on the Route 37A to enjoy the great panorama. The place takes its name from the fact that bears love to hunt salmons in this river.While i’m busy taking photos, i use this method to keep the bears far from me: i twist the throttle!

I don’t belive it’s real to be here, to keep driving between these places. It’s a dream comes true. Before I could only watch at pictures of these places. While now I’m the one who is into those “images”. I see another bear crossing the road. But this time the road is straight and I can stop at a safe distance to let him pass simply. It’s still raining, but not too much. It’s really cold and I have to fight the frozen wind. I don’t have the heated handlebar and I feel the cold inside and outside. Because of this I’m trembling and without paying attention I put too much pressure on my wrist, causing it to hurt my shoulders and arms. My frozen fingers lost 50% of their touch sense. It’s really hard to drive in these conditions, but I’m a woman, and women always live in hard conditions. So I keep on going. I start to feel better only when I arrive at Smithers, and I spend my night again at the sam’s house.

The day after, my destination i sto Prince George, bringing with me all the pain that instead of going away, increases. So I have to take a bit of rest, and I stop another 2 days to Kelly, at Prince George, where I have to opportunity to make some researches in internet and I find out that probably I have a sort of nerves compression, and all my symptoms are the same of the carpal tunnel syndrome. Without things getting better, and with a really slowed capacity of movment, i come back to the road going back to my travel. It’s very long, cold and wet path through the Route 97 to Dawson Creek. The coldest it is the more pain I feel. Why am I still moving in this status? Because i’m stubborn i think.. Finally i reach Dawson Creek after 420 km and i set up my tent in the Mile ‘0’ camp. Another cold night, that this time does find me prepared: i decide to sleep in the laundry, cause it has a sofa and it’s heated!

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