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Stage 16


From El Salvador to Honduras

Great Venture
Great Venture

I made an early start today. By 6.30am I already hit the road. It rained last night, making the 4kms off road ride to the main road wet and slippery. The last part of the off-road was the hardest, with big slippery rocks and some puddles that I had to ride through. My tires slid and off I went into the puddles. Damn. Luckily there was a car trailing behind me and the driver helped me to stand GD up.HONDURAS - Givi Explorer
It took me about 1.15hrs to reach the El Salvador – Honduras border under the on and off rain. A long 5km cue of trucks lined the road but I made my way thru. It was easy to exit El Salvador, but not so to enter Honduras. I was advised by an over-lander friend to get the locals’ service at this border, as there’s a lot of paperwork to be done. I always did everything on my own but this time, I took the service offered. I had to pay US$3 for a tourist card, US$40 to bring my bike in, and US$2 for tipping. Both borders were done in less than 1.30hrs and then, I entered Honduras.

Drug wars between the drug cartels, mafias, smuggling, kidnappings, assaults, murders and robberies made this country the most dangerous on planet Earth. The people too were said to be so fond of guns. Because of that, I had no intention to stay long in this country.
Along my way, I passed countless military checkpoints, but not once was I stopped and searched. The militaries were more interested in big trucks and buses. Looking at the young military boys holding rifles, I wondered how high their egos could be, and how high they could hold their patience before pulling the trigger when the locals upset them. I took the Pan-Am Highway CA1 all the way. The road conditions to Choluteca were acceptable (not as bad as in Guatemala), and surprisingly getting even better after Choluteca to San Marcos de Colon, which were on highlands. There were some wonderful twisties here. It was a pleasant ride as the road was not too narrow and with very little traffic. The road quality was even better than our Simpang Pulai – Cameron Highlands road, with beautiful greenery to enjoy. The houses, which I saw along the way were not bad too, even better than houses in Guatemala.

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