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Stage 7

Usa: Bishop – Death Valley National Park

Bishop, Death Valley National Park

Great Venture
Great Venture

I said goodbye to my lovely host, Matthew and Bethany for hosting me at their nice home at Bishop. The view of White Mountain and Sierra Nevada dominated my view as I exit the town. Matthew had suggested that I took Highway 395 to Big Pine, and later Highway 168 as the view was more beautiful.

It seemed that I will never follow my earlier planned route (as suggested by Google Map), whenever I stayed with the local, as they knew which route is the most scenic. Matthew had warned me that the temperature will rise along my way to Death Valley (hence the name, as nothing can grow there), so I opted for Givi summer gloves and I kept my inner Hevik jacket inside my box. 

Yes, it sure get warmer and warmer, and there was no rest area at all along the way!!! However, the view was really amazing as I made my way along the winding road with lots of dips that I felt as if I’m riding a roller coaster. At other times, the road was looong and straight for many many kilometres.

The moment I entered Death Valley National Park, via Scottys Junction, again, I felt as if I am in a different world. The mountain look so barren and weird. Am I in Mars, I wondered? As I’m getting dehydrated and exhausted, I rode fast to the camp ground. Unbelievably, there were too many people at the camp ground, and there was no more shaded site for non RVs. A very nice lady, Cheryl, offered me to pitch my tent next to hers and she refused any money from me. She was very kind.

I hurriedly pitched my tent, and only took a rest once everything was done. I felt like fainting due to the heat 40’ C and the exhaustion after taking a rest 6 hours since I left Bishop this morning, and covering a distance of 334 km.

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