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Usa: Death Valley National Park – Zion National Park

Death Valley National Park, Zion National Park

Great Venture
Great Venture

I started early this morning to avoid the heat. The road, as yesterday, was long and straight. It was amazing when I checked my odometer that the straight road went for 20kms, before making a slight bend and then another looonggg straight road again. I met another over lander, Andrew, who was traversing US from west to east with his retro Triumph bike. Since we both heading to the same destination, we rode together for a while. I lost him when I bypassed Las Vegas at I-15.

Like any other inter-state freeways in US, the cars and trucks were moving way too fast, much more than what the speed limit allowed. I was glad when I had left Las Vegas behind me and the traffic started to lessen. The view when the highway cut into the high mountain was very spectacular but there was no opportunity for pics as there was no suitable place for me to stop my bike.

Finally, after riding for 500kms, I reached Zion National Park.
By this time, I had re joined with Andrew. There were so many people at this small town and the camp grounds were fully booked. We went to a private camp ground, and was told that it was full too. Gosh, where am I going to sleep tonight? I told Andrew to try asking from the people if they would let us pitch our tents on their sites, and we could share the fees. On the first attempt, Andrew failed to get their sympathy. I tried my luck, and thankfully, a nice young couple from Germany let us pitched our tents beside their RV.

Anita's Riding Tip:
the Zion National Park, located in the state of Utah, covers an area of 59,325 hectares and rises with mountains as high as 2,660 m. The heart of the park is the 24 km long and 800 m deep canyon.

I hurriedly go for a sightseeing tour at Zion National Park. To enter this park, I must take a sightseeing bus which will bring tourist along the spectacular sights inside the park. The rock formations were indeed a spectacular sight. I was very glad that I listened to my friend, Andrea, who had advised me to visit this place.

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