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Stage 30


Portugal and the European most western point, Cabo Da Roca

Great Venture
Great Venture

It was a very misty morning when I made my way to Aracena via N433. At times, my vision was limited to 50m only, but well, I had experienced worse, so it’s ok. Then it was raining on and off the whole way. Brrrrrrrr. The back road in Portugal was not as good as in Spain. It’s narrower and uneven at parts, but there’s not much traffic, so it’s okey. As for the wind? Similar to Ruta 40 (maybe this time a bit less), the wind caused the velcro on my plastic map slot on my tank bag to rip open. No matter how many times I sealed it, the velcro seal will open, and the velcro on my Givi Italy tank bag was of a very good quality. Huhh…to show how fierce the wind here was. It took me almost 7hrs to ride 451km to reach Lisbon. The sun only came out for 20 minutes for the whole journey. It was a cold, wet ride. Nevertheless, the wild flowers were in full bloom. I felt like riding in Kazakhstan. Wild flowers of yellow, red, pink, purple, white… It was so beautiful.

I stayed 2 nights in Lisbon and managed to visit the European most western point, Cabo Da Roca. This place was 40kms through a narrow winding road from the capital city. Entrance was free. This place reminds me of Lands End due to its rock cliffs, the sea down below and the surroundings. I also visited down town Baixa, Belem and relaxed by the sea front watching the waves and sea gulls.

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