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101 Motorcycle Tours to Experience

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Author: Davide Malesi
Publisher: Newton Compton Editori
Language: Italian
On sale from: 22 July 2021
Pages: 384, paperback
Dimensions: 22,6×2,4×12,2 cm
Price: € 9.40 for the paperback version,
€ 5.99 for the e-book.

The book with the mile-long title returns to bookshops in a new paperback edition.

Detailing more than 100 itineraries spanning the length and breadth of the Italian peninsula, it provides endless inspiration. Recommended reading even for the most seasoned of motorcycle travellers. Italy never ceases to amaze!
A book, and a big one at that, published in Italian and dedicated exclusively to the Bel Paese and its roads, valleys, coastlines, woodland paths and city streets. Italy’s landforms can be particularly rewarding for motorcyclists. You can enjoy a glorious autumn on the banks of Lake Varese, follow the road leading from the Tivoli woods to the magnificent residence of emperor Adriano, explore – with the subtle pleasure of scoffing at the heavy traffic – the now invisible confines of Purfina, the Eternal City’s former refinery, or allow yourself a sprint across nuragic Sardinia and another around the Targa Florio racetrack. Unmissable highlights include the route from Siena to Monteriggioni, from Tivoli to Villa Adriana, and from Scilla to Villa San Giovanni.
Fast-paced, the volume is brimming with possible itineraries. For each itinerary, author Davide Malesi provides distances, descriptions and what makes it an interesting journey, plus a detailed map and practical advice such as when best to go and whether the route suits expert riders or beginners.  All ‘spiced up’ with stories and characters, past and present.