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Sapore Di Polvere - Taste of Dust

Viaggiare in Moto Fuoristrada -
Travelling Off Road by Motorbike

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Title: Sapore di Polvere Viaggiare in Moto Fuoristrada
(Taste of Dust Travelling Off Road by Motorbike)
Author: Italo Neri
Pages: 178
Size: 17 x 23.5 cm
Cover: colour, paperback
Publishing date: 12 April 2016
Publishing House: Mondadori Electa
Pictures: 100 colour photos and drawings
Language: Italian
Price: 18.70 Euros

Italo Neri, from Milan, has written an incredibly useful book.

Italo is a veteran of the Dakar and of the Rallies as Race Official of the International Motorcycling Federation and he also does off-road, consequently he surely knows how to explain how to navigate and overcome difficulties, even technical ones, with what is handy.
The preface is by Marc Coma.

A brand-new manual (it came out this last April) written for actual or perspective owners of an off-road bike; for those who use it on asphalt or already tread along dusty roads. An ill-adapt or rinky-dink motorbike and not very clear ideas can transform a simple holiday, in Greece for example, in an unforgettable misadventure.

‘We will do all we can so that this won’t happen’ is the promise of Italo Negri, author of the book, for which there is even a preface by the great rally pilot Marc Coma, who writes for those of you who love knobby tyres: “The motorbike is a great opportunity to live your life, with your soul in your hands. I find this book is an excellent tool to do it.”

To have an idea of the book’s contents, the best thing is to check the index, which shows how it’s divided into four big chapters.
 THE INTRODUCTION, where the author proposes 3 precise topics: Who we are, Which motorbike and Getting your bearings among off-road models.
THE PILOT AND THEIR BIKE, divided into The Guide (advice on the saddle set-up, the use of the body, acting on the commands, brake control, obstacles, sand, fords and so on)… Then there’s What counts in an off-road bike (technical analysis of the bike and the engine) and Navigating, Equipping yourself and your bike.
PLACES AND DESTINATIONS is the third chapter. The author talks of where to go, and takes into consideration some of the classic motorbike touring destinations (the Pyrenees, Tunisia, Morocco, etc.).
PRACTICAL INFORMATION. References to schools, riding instructors in Italy and the rest of Europe, trip organisers and other info.