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Revolutionary Ride

On the road in search of the Real Iran

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Title: Revolutionary Ride
On the Road in Search of the Real Iran
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton General Division
Publishing date: first edition January 2017,
second edition March 2017
Pages: 304
Weight: 230 g
Size: 183 x 177 x 20 mm
Price: £ 10.99
Kindle £ 4.99

The interesting thing is that the author is an English woman; a tough one!

An extremely experienced traveller who would not back down in the face of difficulty.
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Although relations between Iran and the United Kingdom were at an historic low in 2011, a mysterious note left by a stranger on Lois’s motorbike, parked near the Iranian Embassy in London, inspired her to venture into this Islamic Republic two years later. The note stated the following:  “Dear Sir, your motorcycle looks like it has seen many countries.  I wonder if you have ever visited mine, Iran.  It is a beautiful place and the Persian people are the most welcoming on earth.  Please, do not be put off by what has occurred lately in Tehran.  Whatever the situation, it’s to do with the government, not the Iranian people.  We are no terrorists!  I hope you will visit Iran and please, pay a visit to Shiraz, too, the city of my birth. It is quite famous for its poets, gardens and wines.  Your Persian friend, Habib”.
It was such an intriguing note that it led Lois to disregard all official warnings discouraging travel to Iran and at the end of 2013, she left alone for a two-month, three-thousand mile trip.

Lois enters Iran via Turkey, passing through Tabriz, Qazvin, the mountains of Alborz and the valley of Alamut, along the Caspian coast and then down to Tehran. A visit to Kashan in Esfehan in the south and through the Zagros Mountains leads Lois to arrive in Shiraz, Persepolis and further west to the desert city of Yadz, before returning to the capital.
The motorcycle she used?  A simple and reliable Yamaha TTR250, the same model – not the same motorbike – used by Lois for her ride through Africa (see below). Amongst the many changes made to the motorbike is the 22-litre maxi tank, a support for the side stand and of course a reshaped saddle covered with sheepskin.
Lois was quite late to learn how to ride.  She first drove when she was 28 and she soon began to realise how she could experience real adventure all by herself.  The freedom to make decisions on impulse prevailed over the risk of increased vulnerability. Lois was pretty lucky. “I never felt my personal safety was threatened.  The world is less frightening than they want us to believe” she reports.
Lois always carries some camping equipment on her motorbike, even though she has literally tried everything, as she has slept in missionary houses, warehouses, bunkhouses, bizarre hotels and she has even stayed in the houses of total strangers… In order to cover all her expenses, Lois rents out her London houseboat.

In conclusion, a successful attempt to depart for a country that has been cut off from the rest of the world for a very long time. The author describes her journey as an eye-opening experience, sometimes shocking, often amusing and infinitely surprising, which forced her to change her views of Iran, the Islamic world and providing an opportunity to confront all her preconceptions.
“If I have learned anything from my travels, it is that the government of a nation and its people are completely unrelated. I have never experienced such a warm welcome and kindness and hospitality from any other country”. There have been many positive reviews for this book; National Geographic Traveller has selected it as the “adventure travel book of the year”.
The English girl on the motorcycle has her own website

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