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Title: RIDE OUT!
Motorcycle Road trips and Adventures
Authors: a pool of motorcycle adventurers/photographers
 from all over the world (impossible to name them all!)
Pages: 272 (English version)
Editor: Gestalten
Languages: editions in English, German, French
Format: 24 × 30 cm
Publication date: August 2018
Weight: 1.8 kg
Price: € 39.90 (from Gestalten website)

The perfect light, breath-taking scenery, unspoiled nature.

Every traveller seeks something that, more than anything else, will make the adventure unforgettable.
This is especially true for motorcycle riders, who experience the road even more intensely.

RIDE OUT! is part guide and part pictorial, encouraging you to discover the world on two wheels, proposing itineraries across China, South Africa, Japan, New Zealand, Europe and Africa, shown with maps and photos so evocative they immediately awaken the desire to pack your bags.

Even if we live on the web, we have nothing against “paper”, especially when it comes to reviewing a beautiful, large format photography book that you can comfortably browse the old fashioned way, while seated in an armchair dreaming of the next trip.
Founded in Berlin in 1995, Gestalten is a publishing company that documents trends in architecture, design, lifestyle, travel, cars, motorcycles and much more, through publications distributed in over 80 countries.
The profoundly visual and graphic nature of its publications is intended to bring the reader closer to a specific theme, inspiring them through evocative images and text (and more), always curious, often obtained from external collaborators who are “in the field”.
And that is how RIDE OUT! was born: a newly published “tome” dedicated to all those who love learning about the world on two wheels.
From the Californian desert to South Africa, passing through the rugged paths of the Silk Road and the tortuous mountain passes hidden in the Alps, to the ends of the earth, wild Patagonia and fantastical New Zealand (just to name a few), RIDE OUT! leads the reader through the most evocative routes to be travelled on two wheels, a true ode to adventure with a capital “A” and to the sense of freedom that it can give.
An interesting fact: the book lists Ethiopia as one of the best destinations for a motorcycle trip.
Many explorers from every corner of the globe made this book possible.

RIDE OUT! Is available in three languages (English, German and French).
If you are interested, you can purchase a copy of the book on several e-commerce websites (starting at approximately € 30.00) or directly from the Gestalten website (
“Ride Out! is a collection of some of the greatest rides on the planet, as ridden and photographed by some of the world’s most intrepid two-wheeled adventurers.” – Amuse, Vice