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Title: Manuale del Motoviaggiatore
Come pianificare e vivere la più grande avventura
in sella alla tua moto
Author: Gionata Nencini
Publisher: Autopublished
Published: May 2015
Language: italian
Pages: 336
Price: 25 euro

In just a few months, this wonderful book, written, edited, promoted  and sold directly by the author, Gionata Nencini, is already on its  third print run. It was the result of an editorial proposal which was  intended to cater for the interests of a well known, target audience;  motorcyclists who love to travel. This invaluable guide provides advice,  hints and tips for all kinds of motorcyclists and not just those who  are embarking on a long journey.
To find out more, we interviewed Gionata… and we even managed to  negotiate a discount for visitors of GIVI EXPLORER who wish to purchase  the book.

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Interview with Gionata

Hi Gionata and thank you for accepting our invitation.
In a way, you are part of the GIVI family. If I am not mistaken, you have been using our accessories since the beginning of your travels, but we are not here today to talk about your solid relationship with Givi, we are here to talk about your amazing book! With three print runs in just a few months, what a record!

Yes, I presented the last print run at EICMA. Considering the fact that I edited this book alone, I am extremely happy with the result.

What are the advantages / disadvantages of being an independent, solo publisher?

One disadvantage is the fact that you have to cover all the costs which would normally be met by the publishing house. A distinct advantage is the total freedom to express an opinion without having to conform to commercial limitations. The layout, the title and the cover were all my own idea and decision without input from any third parties and that is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to make the book as close as possible to what I imagined it to be.

Has anything changed between the first and third print runs?

Not very much at all. We are currently on the third print run but we are still on the first edition. Since the release of this book, things have not changed very much so the opinions presented are still valid. I have simply amended a few formal errors and a little of the design.

So people like your “Manual” because it’s about someone who has done it and lived it?

I think so. And this is helped by all the videos available on my website. For example, when I talk about the time when I ran out of fuel at 5,000m altitude, there is footage of the event together with many images.

The word “Manual” in the title implies that this is more of a “How To” guide rather than a work of non-fiction. Is that the case?

Let’s say it’s half and half! I have been travelling alone for many years and I was very young when I started. Over the years I have recived more the 10,000 emails from people asking me technical questions. The first part of the book is based on the technical side of things. But then, someone wanted to know what it is like to spend your life travelling, understanding how to begin and how it feels to embark on such a life changing experience. Not to mention of course, advice on how to solve issues that inevitably arise; such as financial issues, cultural issues etc… all these matters have been addressed in the second half, often interrupting my story. Within the 336 pages of my book, there is a real concentration of all my experiences.

So is the book a “must” for everyone or just for a specific audience?

The book is open to personal interpretation. It can be enjoyed by someone who wants to begin a new experience, or by someone who is used to traveling. Even a total novice who is curious to find out more about “our” world can read it and enjoy it before beginning their travels.

Are there any other books you would recommend, other than your own?

Of course! My favourites are: “IN VESPA” written by Giorgio Bettinelli and “ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE” written by Robert M. Pirsig, a more philosophic book that I rate as one of the most important for a rider’s library.

Can you give us a few words about your relationship with GIVI?

I think that this company has understood what’s really needed by riders who want to travel. I had the privilege to be a tester for the Givi range of cases and I used them for everything: To hold my tent, to hold my bike while changing my tyre, for example and as a table while eating in the middle of the desert. If their versatility means I can put them to all sorts of uses, that means they are really valid accessories.

When are you due to start your next journey?

In May 2016 I will be travelling to the Middle East and then to Africa. These are two lands that deserve time, so I think I may stay for at least 6 or 7 months interrupted by pauses to work so I can earn enough money to enable me to continue with my travels. This time I’ll try the new Aluminium OUTBACK side cases. We’ll see if they are as good as the TREKKER ones.

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How to buy It

The book is written, edited and published by the author and it can be purchased from the websitesite:
Payment can be made on-line via the usual forms of payment available on the web ie PayPal, Credit Card, PostPay etc. It is also possible to obtain a signed copy.

To take advantage of the bonus discount for “GIVI EXPLORER VISITORS”, simply insert “givi-explorer-partireper” into the space provided on the website for discount codes.