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Morocco Overland

Route Guide - From the Atlas to Sahara
4wd - Motorcycle - Van - Mountain Bike

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Title: Morocco Overland
Route Guide - From the Atlas to Sahara
4wd - Motorcycle - Van - Mountain Bike
Author: Chris Scott
Edition: 3rd edition
Cover: Flexible
Pages: 244 colour pages
Format: 135 x 210mm
Language: English
Weight: 390 gr
Publisher: Trailblazer. The Old ManseTower Road,
Hindhead, Surrey, GU26 6SUUK
Price: On the web, the price of
the paper format is 23€

The third of one of the best known volumes dedicated to Morocco has just been updated and released for 2017.

Its pages take the reader from the Atlas mountains across to the Sahara desert.

An essential book for many motorcyclists and a true “must-have”, dedicated to a year-round destination that is within reach of European travellers.
For the traveller who takes pleasure in personally planning their travels, this book is an excellent starting point. Its pages explain in detail (including off-road with GPS directions) a route of over 10,000 km from the High Atlas Mountains to the border with Mauritania.
The book provides directions which assist the motorcyclist in selecting and preparing a route, deciding on the best places to visit, the use of local guides, the driving techniques needed and the length of time required for each segment of the journey.

Details of the Third Edition

– Full colour
– Download GPS DATA plus more online content, including mapping and images
– Updated information contained in previous Editions
Additional new items include:
– How to reach Morocco: ferry routes across the Mediterranean
– Guidance as to the choice and preparation of a vehicle
– Fly-drive: local motorcycle hire
– 56 routes explained in detail, ranked in order of difficulty, scenery and the best time of year to travel, including over 40 support maps.
– Hundreds of GPS waypoints plus additional mapping and GPS downloads from the website
“Morocco Overland” shows the rider how to tackle and safely explore adventurous Morocco, often away from tourist areas, from the passes in the High Atlas Mountains to the sandy slopes of the Sahara. Here is a brief excerpt from the chapter suggesting where to go according to the time of the year: “Especially when on a motorcycle, avoid the Moroccan Sahara between June and September. It’s almost inevitable that for a month or two, the daily temperatures are close to 40 °. In the winter it rains in the North and in the high and middle Atlas, snow falls around 2,000 meters. If you do not have any alternatives, check route information and bring heavy, waterproof clothing. If it does not rain, you will be traveling under clear picture-postcard skies of light blue. Basically, there are two times of the year when you can cross Morocco from North to South without encountering weather related problems; October to November and February to March. Amongst these periods, the late Moroccan autumn is the absolute best choice, as it arrives with light winds, hot temperatures and amazing scenery. The best websites to visits for weather Information are; and (click North Africa) “.

Chris Scott – the Author

His first trip to the African desert dates back to 1981 aged just 21 years old. And Chris returns to it practically every year. In 1989 Chris organised his first “Sahara Motorcycle Tour”. The awareness of having gained profound knowledge of the Sahara world lead him to write a report for the Royal Geographical Society which became the “Adventure Motorcycling” manual, now in its 7th Edition, more than 25 years after its first publication in 1991. Chris began to collaborate with the Rough Guide series of travel guides and was the co-author of the Rough Guide to Australia. Since then Chris has not stopped writing. He writes articles for magazines and newspapers around the world and is a regular guest on television programmes, such as The Adventure Travel Show. He is often consulted by photographers and novelists and produces films that are aired on the National Geographic Channel, Sky TV and Channel 4 in the UK. In 1998, Chris returned to focus on the Sahara, his great love and he began working on his opus of Sahara Overland. Its success brought the publisher to print a Second Edition in 2005. A completely updated Third Edition is now available with enhanced contents.



When to go 8 (Daylight hours in winter 9) –Where to go 11 (What can I
do in…? 12, First time in Morocco 12) –Documents, money, costs and
phones 13 (Visas 14, Motor insurance 14, Money 15, Some costs 16,
Mobile phones & internet 18) –Maps 19 –Guidebooks 23

Motorcycles 25 (Little or large? 26, Preparing a bike 26, Motorcycling in
Morocco 27, Basic equipment checklist 29) –4WD31 (Which 4WD 32,
4WD preparation and equipment 32, Tyres 37, Recovery equipment 38)
2WD42 –Bicycle touring46 (Pick of the pistes 47, A bike for Morocco 47)

Across the Channel or the Bay of Biscay 52 –Crossing Spain 54
Crossing to Morocco 54 –Flying to Morocco 56

Temporary vehicle importation document 58
Entry procedure at the port 60 –Leaving the port 61

Dangers on the road 62 (Checkpoints and police 63, Accidents and
breakdowns 64) –Day by day 66 (Roadside food 67, Health and water 68)
Hassle70 –Wild camping73 –Renting vehicles locally73 (Two-day
excursions 75)

Off-highway riding 76 –Day trips for motorcycles 81 –Off-road driving 84

PARTS 7-12: ROUTE GUIDES [see p86 for detailed list]
Introduction to the routes 86
ME – East routes 89 (ME routes overview map 90)
MH – High Atlas routes 108 (MH routes overview map 110)
MS – Sahara routes 143 (MS routes overview map 144)
MA – Anti Atlas routes 174 (MA routes overview map 176)
MW – West routes 205 (MW routes overview map 208)
MO – Ocean routes 223 (MO routes overview map 230)