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Title: La Moto Secondo Me – La passione per la scoperta
(Riding my way – A passion for exploration)
Author: Massimo (Ciocio) Cavallo
Year of publication: 2020
Publisher: Impression sans Frontiere
Language: Italian
Pages: 140
Images: there are many images featured within the book
Prices: €15.00 (print);
€8.50 (Kindle)

Reflections from journeys remembered

An experienced “adventurer” who has succeeded in making a career of his travels on two wheels, Ciocio Cavallo is releasing his fourth book, the very title of which gives an early indication of its profoundly personal and, in some ways, introspective nature. 

Here is our review, followed by a brief interview with the author.
With the arrival of his fourth book, Ciocio (Massimo) Cavallo once again displays a mind — and a pen — that is constantly in motion, rapid and restless… just like his motorcycle. At a time when travelling is impossible, this author’s gift to us is the opportunity to travel along the routes he has taken in our imaginations while at the same time reflecting on what it means to organise and undertake a motorcycling adventure today, compared to times gone by.

Riding My Way

This book not only contains valuable advice for anyone hoping to conquer the world from the seat of a motorcycle, but also holds memories, original anecdotes and, above all, profound reflections. The author draws a comparison — sometimes bitingly — between travelling during the pre-digital era and travelling today, in the era of the Internet and social media, when it seems that an experience can only be enjoyed by sharing every aspect of it with online followers. The result is a loss of the authenticity and total immersion in a place that make the journey special to begin with.
According to Ciocio, to tackle a motorcycling adventure “properly”, it is important to put aside superficial and superfluous considerations and concentrate instead on acquiring certain fundamental personal characteristics.
 “You don’t have to be Superman to go on a motorcycle journey. You just need to have a few simple and fundamental characteristics depending on the type of journey you wish to take, and particularly if you are travelling in a group”.
First of all, it is necessary “to have the ability to turn negative events, which happen frequently when riding, into something positive, something constructive, a story to tell upon your return”, which is to say you must be able to make the best of whatever happens along your journey. No less important are an adaptable spirit, flexibility in the face of the unexpected, and — last but not least — a sense of altruism, a trait which allows problems to be shared and shouldered by the group.


Just like a journey in the physical world, in the first pages of Ciocio’s book, we enjoy the “company” of a number of friends and people close to him. These include Claudio Falanga, the director of (a website which has often collaborated with Ciocio himself), and Lorenzo “Gas” Borselli, a friend and expert motorcyclist as well as a policeman and ex-journalist who, in addition to providing a foreword, also narrates the chapter on adventures in Tunisia and Morocco in enthralling style.
The beautiful and moving Introduction was written by Ciocio’s daughter Asia, who has inherited her father’s immense love for exploration and narration despite her young age.
The pages that follow alternate between reflections and captivating descriptions of journeys as the author relives them in his memories: from Oman to Canada, from Alaska to the American Far West, and all the way to North Africa. Readers will be astonished by the sheer number of experiences a single journey can offer!
Finally, anyone beginning to plan a long-haul journey will find suggestions in this book that are sure to satisfy all tastes: South America, Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, Africa, Australia and Asia.

Interview with the Author

Do you think that the way people travel will have changed when the COVID crisis has passed and it is possible to travel without restrictions again? Do you expect your work to change in any way?

“I think that this period has slightly changed our attitudes and approaches to just about everything. I think that the way we travel will change for the better. Without a doubt, these compulsory lockdowns will encourage people to enjoy and make the most of even the simplest things. In terms of my work, no, I don’t think so. Despite the lockdowns, I have kept going. In fact, I wrote this book in response to this period.”

How much influence did the current situation and the lockdown have on writing the book?

“I would say they were fundamental. In my mind, I relived old journeys which I had stopped thinking about because I never found the time. Then, because I had more time to spend on social networking, I found myself comparing it to reality… and the book practically wrote itself”.

What journey will you never tire of making?

“Honestly, I think that all the countries where globalisation has not yet managed to uproot fundamental behaviours — so, Africa, South America and Asia — can still leave travellers enriched, with an important experience to take away: living your journey every day.”


We are in no doubt that the approach taken by RIDING MY WAY has the potential to intrigue multiple generations of two-wheeled travellers: from the most experienced bikers, nostalgic for an era when it was more important to experience an adventure first-hand than to publicise it, to those whose experiences are still limited but who are developing their own passion for exploration.