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Un Amigo, Una Moto, Una Isla

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Uno Amigo, Una Moto, Una Isla
Directed by: Desiderio
Produced by: Consejo Nacional Artes Plásticas,
Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales,
Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industria Cinematografica
Published: 2015
Language: spanish
Subtitles: Italian, English.
Runtime: 96 min
Extra contents: Trailer, Ahora si caracol, Ahora si bailo,
Ahora si corto, Ahora si duermo, Ahora si remolco, Ahora si già
Price: 13,00€

Coming soon to DVD is the first ever “road movie” set in Cuba.

It has  been shot by Desiderio, a talented artist from Milan, now a citizen of  Havana, who, together with his Cuban friend and artist José Balboa, have  crossed this wonderful isle riding an old motorcycle and sidecar by the  Russian Ural which dates back to the Second World War.The  idea of this movie was inspired by the long journey undertaken in 1952  in Latin America with a Norton 500 M18 (called la Poderosa) by the young  Che Guevara, at that time a medical student, which was turned into the  successful movie “The Motorcycle Diaries” in 2004.
Coming back to AHORA SI LLEGO!, the first travel documentary produced  in Cuba, it is intertwined with spectacular views, art, culture and of  course adventure, all shot with a slant on reportage
The Italian magazine MOTOTURISMO previewed it, describing it as “a  poetic film, beyond any tourist platitudes and cliché. The most  visionary journey by sidecar we have ever seen!”
The DVD is distributed by Rodaggio Film.